How to Manage Grades in the iClicker Cloud Desktop Software

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All of your course polling sessions and quizzes are easily accessed in the Session History dashboard of the iClicker Cloud desktop software. You can view the polling result charts, set correct responses, assign points, and export reports.

Choose session in Session History

Click on Session History and select the session or quiz that you would like to review. 

Note: Click the trashcan icon to delete a session or quiz.

Set the correct response(s) and assign points

Simply click on an answer choice on the results chart to toggle that response correct or incorrect. Correct responses are shown in green and incorrect responses are shown in red. More than one correct response can be selected. If no correct response is indicated, the chart's bars appear blue. When a correct response is selected, editable point fields appear for each response.

Tip: Double-clicking a polling question’s image thumbnail opens a new window with a larger view of the image.

Things you can do in the Results window interface:
  1. Show/hide the image thumbnails
  2. Display another Results window to compare results for multiple questions at one time
  3. Export the results for the current session
  4. Access the Session Score Settings
  5. View whether a question has been graded - Once graded, a checkmark appears on the thumbnail and a GRADED badge displays on the results.
  6. Navigate through the questions using the arrow buttons
  7. Delete the selected question from the session
  8. Assign points in a different way from default settings (only available for closed sessions)

Anonymous questions

Anonymous questions–indicated with an anonymous badge and icon on the image thumbnail–cannot be graded for accuracy, but you can still view overall class results.

Set default participation and performance points

The default point value for each correct and incorrect response is initially determined by your Course Score Settings. These can be accessed by clicking on your settings icon and then iClicker Cloud and Scoring. These settings only impact sessions in the future so if you have had sessions prior to changing your default you'll want to go into your Session History and update these sessions individually.