How to Manually Upload Scores from iClicker Cloud to Canvas

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You can manually integrate iClicker Cloud with Canvas by exporting iClicker Cloud scores and uploading the scores to the Canvas grade book. 

Important: Manual integration requires your students to enter their Canvas student ID in the Student ID field of their Reef account or use the same e-mail address to log in to both Canvas and iClicker Cloud.

Export a Canvas-formatted .csv from iClicker Cloud

Review the exported SIS User ID and SIS Login ID data

Canvas attempts to match student data from either the SIS User ID (iClicker Cloud Student ID) or SIS Login ID (iClicker Cloud Email) for each student. If the identifying data is blank, the student record will be ignored.

Delete unwanted grade items and update the score totals

Although the Canvas upload interface allows you to ignore grade items, the import will fail if the total score column does not accurately show the sum of the grade items. Because the total score is simply a value in the .csv file rather than a formula, deleting unwanted grade items requires manually adjusting the total points.

Go to grades page in Canvas

Sign into Canvas. Navigate to your course's Grades page.

You arrive at this page by either clicking the Grades option in the header and selecting the desired course you are teaching or by first selecting your course from the Courses option and then selecting Grades in the course side navigation panel.

Upload scores

Click the Options icon button and select Upload Scores (from .csv) from the drop-down list. The Options button is found above your table of student scores.


Use the Choose File button to browse and attach your exported file. Click the Upload Data button.

Map the uploaded file to the Canvas gradebook

Before uploading, you must map or ignore unrecognized student and grade item entries.

Identify or ignore unrecognized students

Canvas attempts to match uploaded student records by SIS User ID (iClicker Cloud Student ID) and SIS Login ID (iClicker Cloud Email Address). Student entries that are not recognized by either ID are shown on this page for you to either manually map to a student in your roster or ignore. Ignored student data will not be uploaded to Canvas.

Identify or create a new assignment entry for assignments in question

Canvas attempts to identify the uploaded assignments by name to update existing gradebook entries. If the session name is not recognized, you will be shown the session with the option to manually associate it with an existing assignment, create a new entry, or ignore the session. It is important to note that you must not ignore the assignment unless the session has no points associated with it. The uploaded sessions total points must match the total possible points in the .csv or the import will generate an error and fail. If you wish to ignore sessions, you should manipulate the .csv file prior to uploading.


Upon clicking the Continue button, your session scores will appear as entries in your Canvas gradebook.