How to Manually Upload Scores from iClicker Cloud to Moodle

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You can manually integrate iClicker Cloud with Moodle by exporting iClicker Cloud scores and uploading the scores to the Moodle grade book.

Important: Manual integration requires your students to either enter their Moodle username in the Student ID field or use the same e-mail address in the profiles for both their Moodle and Reef accounts. Moodle allows data matching between rosters using either the Student ID or Email, but you must choose one identifier for the entire import.

Export a Moodle-formatted .csv from iClicker Cloud

Review the exported Student ID and Email data

Moodle can map student data from either the Student ID or Email, but one identifier must be selected for the entire file. If the identifying data is blank, the student record will be ignored. If the data is unrecognized, however, it will cause an error and Moodle will not import the file. Review your exported data to determine which identifier will give you a better change for a successful upload.


Delete unwanted grade items

The exported file contains a grade item for the total as well as grade items for the individual session scores. You should delete either the total or the individual session columns to avoid counting scores twice. Although Moodle provides an interface to selectively import grade items, deleting the columns now will save you time later.

Go to Grader Report in Moodle

Sign into Moodle. To navigate to the Grader Report page for your course, click the Grades link listed under the ADMINISTRATION side navigation panel.

Import CSV

From the Grader Report ADMINISTRATION panel, expand the Import toggle and click the CSV file link.

Select file and click "Upload grades"

Choose your exported iClicker Cloud file and click the Upload grades button.


Map the uploaded file to the Moodle grade book

A preview of the selected file is shown to help you map the data.

"Identify user by"

First, identify students by mapping the Student ID from the file to the Moodle Username. Alternatively, you can map the Email in the file to the Moodle Email address.

Map grade items

Next, for each of the session grade items from the file you can choose to either ignore, map to an existing Moodle grade item, or create a new grade item in the Moodle grade book.

When mapping is complete, click the Upload grades button.

Review the results on the "Import CSV" page

The results of the import are summarized on the Import CSV page. If there is an unrecognized entry in the user identifier column, the import will fail and the unrecognized identifier is shown. You will need to correct or remove that unrecognized identifier in the file in order to upload the scores. Although unrecognized identifiers will fail the import process, blank entries are ignored.

After correcting the file, the import process needs to be repeated until a "Grade import success" message is shown.