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iClicker provides you the convenience of downloading a class roster from Moodle rather than creating a roster on your own. We recommend this option if you use Moodle to post your course grades. The following sections walk you through the steps for downloading a course roster from Moodle, registering student remotes, and exporting polling results for use with Moodle. 

Please follow these steps:


Create a course and update course settings

You will need to create a course and change your course settings in iClicker prior to downloading a course roster from Moodle.

Open iClicker Classic

Double-click the iClicker icon to start the program.

Create a course

Click on + Create and enter the name of your course. Then click Create. A new course sub-folder is automatically created in the Classes folder.

Click "Settings"

Click the "Gradebook" tab


Select "Moodle" for "Roster Source" and click "Save"

Select Moodle from the Roster Source menu. After clicking Save, you will receive an alert reminding you that your course roster will not appear in the gradebook until you sync it from Moodle or add the correct file to your course folder. This is completed in the next step.

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Export a Moodle course roster 

Once you have created a course in iClicker, you can download a course roster from Moodle and add it to your iClicker class folder.

Go to your Moodle course

Log into Moodle and select the course you are using iClicker with from the My courses list.

Click "Grades"

On the left side of the screen, under Administration, click Grades.

Export Grader report as plain text

Under Grader report, scroll down to Export and then select Plain Text File.

Choose export options

Select the following options:
  • Uncheck all items listed under Grade items to be included.
  • Include feedback in export: No check
  • Exclude suspended users: Check
  • Grade export display type: Real
  • Grade export decimal points: 0
  • Separator: Comma

Import downloaded file into iClicker

There are two possible methods of importing the gradebook file into iClicker.

Method 1: Change the file format from .csv to .txt and rename the file MoodleRoster.txt. Then move the file to the course folder (e.g., Biology 101) in your Classes folder.

Note: If you do not see your course folder in the Classes folder, you most likely still need to create an iClicker course as shown in the previous section.

Method 2: Upload your roster directly into the iClicker Gradebook by selecting Import Roster on the Roster not found. alert or by clicking on Import at any time from within the Gradebook. 

Note: When using this method you do not need a specific file name.

Tip: We recommend that you open the downloaded CSV file to make sure the file includes student last name, student first name, and e-mail. The information should appear correctly but it’s best to double-check. Once you have confirmed the information is correct you can rename it and save as .txt as shown in Method 1 above. 

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Instruct students to register iClicker remotes

Before the roster can be synchronized, students must register their iClicker remotes.
To have your students register online, advise them to visit iclicker.com and then click Register Your Remote on the menu screen. Online registration is recommended, especially for classes of 30 students or more. Roll Call Registration may be an option for you if you have a smaller class.

Tip: We highly recommend including instructions in the course syllabus that explicitly state which student ID should be used (for Moodle, they should use their Moodle e-mails as the student ID) while registering. The student ID is the key component used while synchronizing the roster and this will help both you and the student avoid confusion.

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Synchronize web registrations 

Once your students have registered their remotes, you can use the iClicker Gradebook to synchronize your course roster, as long as you have an internet connection.
Note: Students must vote at least once in class for their online registration to synchronize with the iClicker Gradebook. We recommend asking at least one question on the first day of class, such as an attendance or ice-breaker question, in order to capture remote IDs before asking your students to register.

Sync iClicker Gradebook

After selecting Open Gradebook on the iClicker main menu, click Sync.

iClicker synchronizes your roster information with your students' online registrations. A confirmation screen appears informing you how many records were updated.

Any students who have registered their iClicker remotes will be matched to the iClicker ID in your Gradebook. The iClicker ID will disappear from your Gradebook and the student’s name will appear in blue.

Any unregistered clicker IDs that remain after this step (i.e., you continue to see records with red clicker ID numbers), likely belong to students who have not yet registered online. Check with your students and synchronize again later. If there are problems synchronizing only one or two students who have registered online, you can also run a Roll Call registration or register these students manually, by clicking their name in Gradebook and adding their iClicker ID. You can repeat these steps as often as necessary.

Tip: We suggest setting a deadline for web registration. An end date will allow you to confirm all students are registered and assist you with classroom and iClicker management.

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Upload grades from Gradebook into Moodle

Export iClicker Gradebook

When you are ready to upload your iClicker polling data into Moodle, Open Gradebook and click Export.

Select sessions to export

Click the checkbox next to all of the sessions you would like to export or click Select All.

Customize exported data

Customize how you would like your sessions and points exported.

The student scores are saved in your course folder, within the Classes folder in a file called Uploadfile.csv.

Note: Only one Uploadfile.csv can exist in your course folder at once. If you wish to export data into more than one file during a single session, you will need to move or rename the previously created Uploadfile.csv before exporting a different selection of sessions. When you no longer need the information in the exported file, you may leave it in your course folder and it will simply be overwritten the next time you need to export.

Go to Grades page in Moodle

Log into Moodle, select your course, and go back to Grades under Administration.

Import Grader report

Under Grader report, scroll down to Import and then select CSV file.

Select file and choose upload settings

Click Choose a File and, in the new window, find the UploadFile.csv file in your course folder. Click Upload this file. Then make the following selections:
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Separator: Tab
  • Verbose Scale: Yes
  • Preview Rows: 10

Click "Continue"

You can now view the updated Grader Report with the sessions and points just added.

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