i>clicker 6: How do I create a question list?

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Most instructors who use i>clicker keep all of their questions right alongside the rest of their slides within their presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, etc), and do not set up their question lists in advance—in fact, one of the advantages of i>clicker is not having to type all of your questions in in advance! i>clicker takes a screenshot of whatever you're presenting, allowing you the flexibility to use any medium you'd like for presenting questions, including a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, a video, a PDF file, a Word document, a Web page, or an image.

For those instructors who do want to be able to label the results chart for each question and set the correct answer in advance, i>clicker offers the Question List feature. Question List is not designed to serve as a database of questions, and allows only for the labeling of the results chart and answer choices, and for the correct answer to be set in advance of the presentation.

Question Lists are only available in i>clicker 6 at this time.

How to create a question list

Question lists are created using the Question List Editor in the i>clicker software. Only question lists created with the Question List Editor are recognized by i>clicker. Therefore, modifying the .csv files to create different versions of the same question list—even if they match the format exactly—is not recommended.

To create a Question List:

  1. Open i>clicker and click the Question menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select New Question List from the menu.
  3. On the Question Information tab select a question type from the Question Type dropdown menu. Follow the instructions for each question type.

Customizing Question Settings

The Question Settings tab is used to customize the Polling Timer and Display Options for each question in the list. On the Question Settings tab select the type of Polling Timer and Display Options desired.

The Polling Timer can be set to Count up from 0 seconds or Count down from a preset amount of time, up to four minutes. The Display Options settings will affect how results are shown in i>grader and after polling has ended. To display the polling results during a polling session, mark the checkbox next to Show correct answer when polling is stopped. A graph will be displayed after polling has stopped.

These settings can be customized for each question in a list or left with the default settings. When all options for the question have been set, click on the Save button.

Repeat the process of Adding Question Information and Changing Question Settings for each question added to the question list.

Note: Question List settings override your default i>clicker settings.

Saving a question list

When finished creating a question in the Question List Editor, click the Save button. The question title will appear in the display window in the Question List Editor. To create the next question in a list, click the New button. When the question list is complete, click the Close button. This will prompt a Save As window.

The default-named file QuestionList.csv should be renamed and saved in a class folder, so the list is easily accessible during a polling session.

Loading a question list for use in class

  1. Start your i>clicker session.
  2. Press the gear icon and then select Load Question List.
  3. Navigate to the .csv file containing the question list created by the Question List Editor, then press Open.

Making changes to an existing Question List

  1. In the i>clicker main screen, choose the Question menu in the top navigation bar and select the Open Question List option.
  2. Choose the appropriate question list (.csv file) to edit.
  3. The Question List Editor will appear with the Question Title information shown in the left display window. Select a Question from the list of questions available. The data stored for that question will be shown in the Question Information and Question Settings tabs.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the question data and click the Save button.
  5. To create additional questions, select the New button and fill in the new question data.
  6. To remove questions from the question list, select a Question Title and then click the Delete button.
  7. To reorder questions, select the Question Title and then click the Up or Down buttons.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 as necessary until the question list is set correctly. When all changes are finished, click the Close button. All changes to the question list are automatically saved.