Close or Resume an Active Session in iClicker Cloud

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Is your iClicker Cloud session appearing as In Progress in your Session History? That may be because the session did not close on iClicker Cloud's servers and is still actively “in progress.” This situation can happen if you shut the computer down without properly closing out the session. For example, if you exit the program with the CTR-ALT-DEL command, or maybe a network error occurred between your computer and the server when exiting the session. But don’t worry—your session data was not lost!

You can close or resume active or in-progress session in one of two ways.

1. If you attempt to start a new polling or quizzing session, iClicker Cloud will detect if a session is still open and will prompt you to either resume the open session, or end the open session and start a new one.
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2. You can also find active or in-progress sessions within the Session History tab. If you need to end the session, simply click End. This will close the session and finalize the data to ensure that students’ responses are accounted for properly. You can then proceed to grade your results, create reports, or upload scores into your campus LMS as normal. You can also click Resume to continue running the open session.
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