Experience iClicker Cloud Sessions with iClicker Reef Instructor Credentials

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You can access iClicker Reef using your instructor credentials by logging in on the web application or by downloading the mobile app to your smartphone or tablet. In order to join and participate in iClicker Reef sessions using your instructor credentials, please contact support@iclicker.com to request a subscription.

You will then start a course polling session from the iClicker Cloud instructor software. Please make sure you have already created an instructor account and a course before you continue with the following steps.

Run a course polling session

Use iClicker Cloud to run a course polling session.

Log in to Reef and add your course

On a secondary device–either a laptop, smartphone, or tablet–sign in to iClicker Reef and click on the plus sign to add your course. Search for your institution and then find your course. Confirm that you selected the correct course by clicking the Add this Course button located at the bottom of the Confirm Course window.

Join the course polling session

Join the course polling session by selecting the course from the Courses window in the student application. Then, click the Join button.

Start a poll

Use the instructor desktop application to start a poll by choosing Polling from the master toolbar and then selecting the start button.

Respond to the poll

Respond to the poll using the student application. If enabled, a screen capture from your computer is presented to your students when you start a poll.

End the polling session

Close the iClicker Cloud master toolbar in the instructor application to end the session. The Course Dashboard appears. From here, you can view the session results or sign out.

When you end the course polling session, the session also ends in the Reef student application. The completed session is listed in the Course History section of Reef. You can select the session from the list and review the results from the student's perspective. If enabled in your course settings, students can select an individual question to view a detailed summary of the results.

Don't forget to sign out or exit the browser when you are finished.