i>clicker 6: Best Practices: Self-Paced Polling

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Our product and support teams have put together this list of best practices regarding self-paced polling:
  1. We do not recommend i>clicker for high-stakes assessment. Using clickers for high-stakes assessment is a bad idea because, beyond the reliability of hardware or software on the instructor's end, there is a lot of room for students to throw a wrench in the process: batteries going dead, students forgetting remotes, input error. Students often also worry about whether or not their answer has been received, so using the clickers as an input mechanism for something like a final exam could have a deleterious affect on their performance in the form of additional anxiety. Related to this distrust about inputting answers via clickers, there is the question of grade disputes. It's easy to show a student that she "filled in the box for C when the answer was A," whereas showing the student her voting history on an i>grader report—even though the RF voting mechanism is extremely reliable—is perceived as less concrete. The higher the stakes, the more likely these sorts of classroom management issues will pose the instructor a problem. For these reasons, while SPP is great for short in-class quizzing, we cannot recommend that it be used for a final exam. 
  2. If you are planning to use i>clicker for an exam, have a backup. Students should record responses on paper first, then transmit with clickers.
  3. Use the latest version of the i>clicker software (v6.4.1).
  4. Plug the base directly into the computer you're using to to run the session; if this is not possible, use the power adapter to ensure a stable flow of power to the base.
  5. Run i>clicker directly from hard drive; do not use a USB thumb drive or network drive.
  6. Make sure bases are set with different frequency codes (such as BC, AD); this helps to prevent students from experiencing an issue where their remote will indicate that polling is closed when it is actually open.
  7. Run SPP with the timer counting up, not auto-stopping count down.
  8. DO NOT try to sort results table during session; this may cause the software to crash.