Recently Resolved Issues: iClicker Cloud

Document created by Digital Support on May 19, 2017Last modified by Digital Support on May 22, 2017
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Please review a list of issues that have recently been resolved.

Issue: If using a Mac, the roster within iClicker Cloud is not showing the Instructor Remote ID's.

Status: Resolved on 10/23

Issue: The first column header on iClicker Cloud Instructor and iClicker Campus reports shows a few extra characters when exporting from the online gradebook. This is only affecting users who are currently using Mac Excel 2011. It does not affect all Excel versions. 

Status: Resolved on 10/23

Issue: Online Gradebook doesn’t load the full roster in the table until the table is scrolled.

Status: Resolved on 9/18

Issue: Students removed from the desktop roster still appear with “active” status in the online Roster.

Status: Resolved on 9/18

Issue: With the Windows version of iClicker Cloud, the vote count on the iClicker Cloud toolbar was not displaying correctly. All votes were being collected and all participants received proper credit, however, the counter itself was inaccurate. Please note this only affected the Windows version of the iClicker Cloud Instructor Application.

Status: Resolved on 9/2

Issue: When correct answers are designated during a polling session, using a Windows computer, the answers may not be correctly scored in the iClicker Cloud Gradebook. Correct answers may default to 1 point.

Status: Resolved on 9/2

IssueIf scores are exported to an LMS specific format using the Export All Sessions option from the web-based online Gradebook, the resulting CSV file may not properly upload to the LMS due to an extra quotation mark in one or more column header.

Status: Resolved on 8/28

Issue: Online export from the Gradebook is not working in the Safari browser.

Status: Resolved on 8/28

Issue: Some students trying to enter their iClicker Remote ID into Reef were receiving the following error.
"Not a valid Remote ID. Remote IDs are 8 characters long and contain only letters A-F and numbers 0-9."
Status: Resolved on 8/24

Issue: If a student uses the same Apple ID to purchase subscription time for multiple Reef accounts using the same device, only the first account will be credited time. 

Status: Resolved on 8/6