How to Manually Upload Scores from iClicker Cloud to Sakai

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You can manually integrate iClicker Cloud with Sakai by exporting Reef scores and uploading the scores to the Sakai gradebook.

Important: Manual integration requires your students to enter their Sakai student ID in the Student ID field.

Export a Sakai-formatted .csv from iClicker Cloud

Note: Sakai has two Gradebook versions: Gradebook Classic and a newer Gradebook. The newer Gradebook will not import a file that contains symbols in the file name. iClicker Cloud automatically names sessions with a date containing a slash and dash symbol. Therefore, if you are using the newer Gradebook, please ensure you change your session name before importing session data to Sakai. You can do this in the iClicker Cloud online gradebook before exporting the .csv file, or after you download the file.

Review the exported Student IDs

Students with blank or unrecognized Student IDs will generate an error in Sakai and must be corrected or removed before the file can be imported. Correcting obvious problem entries now will save you time later.

Delete unwanted grade items

The exported file contains a grade item for the cumulative scores as well as grade items for the individual session scores. You should delete either the total or the individual session columns to avoid counting scores twice.

Go to Gradebook in Sakai

Sign into Sakai. Select your course, then click the Gradebook option in the side Tool Menu.


Import Grades

Click the Import Grades button in the Gradebook header.


Choose your exported Reef file and import

  • Use the Choose File button to browse and attach your exported Reef file.

  • Click the Import Spreadsheet button once the file is chosen.

Correct or verify the imported data

If any student ID is blank or unrecognized, Sakai will show an error page with a list of problem student IDs. Correct or remove these entries and repeat the import process.

If all the student IDs in the file are recognized, Sakai will show a summary of the data that will be imported into the Gradebook. Review the information and click the OK button to complete the process. You should see a confirmation message that the import is successful.