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The iClicker Cloud instructor software is a desktop application. Before you can conduct polls in your classroom make sure that you have access to the iClicker Cloud program. Check with your system administrator to determine if the software is installed on a shared network drive or on the computers in the classrooms where you will be teaching. If not, follow these instructions to download the program.


Download and install iClicker Cloud

Download and install the iClicker Cloud instructor application for Windows or Mac at iClicker Cloud Downloads

In order to provide a unified instructor experience, iClicker Cloud now supports two installation options and the ability to seamlessly launch the desktop application from the instructor website. Please follow the instructions below. 

Mac Users: Mac users only need to download iClicker Cloud 4.0.

Windows Users: Windows users need to download the Installed Win version in order to gain access to iClicker Cloud Launcher. Once iClicker Cloud Launcher has been downloaded and installed, it is recommended to delete older versions of the iClicker Cloud icon from your computer. You will now double click the iClicker Cloud Launcher icon to open the iClicker Cloud desktop application. 

Important: Administrative rights are needed to install iClicker Cloud Launcher. If you can't install iClicker Cloud Launcher you will need to download the Win version and then locate and start the iClicker Cloud Windows desktop application to run polls and quizzes as you normally would.

After downloading and installing, drag the iClicker Cloud or iClicker Cloud Launcher icon to the desired location on your hard drive.

Note: You can choose to install the software in multiple locations. For example, you can copy the iClicker Cloud instructor application onto the computers in your office and at home. You can also copy the application onto a flash drive that you can take with you and run on a computer in your classroom. Regardless of where you use the software, all of your courses and student results are stored in the cloud and kept in sync.

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Create an account

The first time you use iClicker Cloud, you need to create an instructor account. You will use this account for all of your courses. All your account data is stored in the cloud, so you can easily access it from any computer.

Click on "Create Account"

Enter your information

Tip: You can enter your iClicker Instructor Remote ID if you are using it in class with iClicker Cloud.

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Create your first course

All of your student session results are organized by courses. Using the iClicker Cloud application, you can easily access past sessions, grade questions, and view reports.

The course information is also used by your students. They will need this information to identify and select your course to participate in the polls you conduct in class.

Click on "New Course" or "Create a Course"

Enter course data

Enter your Course Name and the Start and End Date. When your course ends (based on the End Date), it is automatically archived. An archived course no longer appears in student searches and cannot be joined. Students already in the course, however, will continue to have access to the content as long as they do not remove themselves from the course.

It is also recommended that you fill in all of the information as it is helpful to your students when they choose a course. For example, there could be multiple sections of the same course at your institution or you might teach the same course at multiple days/times. This additional information provides more details for your students to recognize and join the correct class. 

Once you've entered your course information click Create.

Review the course information

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Dashboard tips

When you create a course, the course name appears in the Courses list on the left side of the screen. The selected course details appear in the main area of the Course Dashboard.

You are also able to view your Archived Courses on your Courses list. Courses automatically archive on the end date you selected during account creation. You and any students enrolled before the end date are able to continue to view and retain all of the information from your course. However, new students will no longer be able to search and add your course helping to avoid confusion. 

Course management options in the lower-left corner of the Course Dashboard window include:
  • Add (+) – create a new course
  • Delete (trash can or –) – delete a course
  • Settings (gear) – edit course information and settings

Note: An iClicker icon appears next to the Start Session button if you have an iClicker base plugged in to your computer. This is required if you want to enable students to participate with iClicker remotes.

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Manage iClicker Cloud course settings

We recommend taking a little time to customize your iClicker Cloud settings; they are specific to each course. See more information and a video about how to manage iClicker Cloud course settings.

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