Admin Guide: LTI Set-up of Moodle for iClicker Cloud

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Click below to watch our step-by-step video, or follow the instructions below.

Contact an iClicker Tech Account Manager ( to receive the Launch URLKey, and Secret needed to complete the set-up.
  1. Log into Moodle as an admin and click the Site administration option in the ADMINISTRATION block.
  1. From the expanded list under Site administration, select the following path: Plugins > Activity modules > LTI >Manage external tool types.
  2. From the Active tab on the Manage external tool types page, click the link to Add external tool configuration.
  1. Complete creating a new external tool with the following information. Settings not listed are not important to the integration. 

Tool settings

  • Tool name: iClicker Cloud [recommended]
  • Tool base URL: [contact an iClicker Tech Account Manager for this information]
  • Consumer key: [contact an iClicker Tech Account Manager for this information]
  • Shared secret: [contact an iClicker Tech Account Manager for this information]
  • Default launch container: New window [recommended]


  • Share launcher’s name with tool: Always [recommended]
  • Share launcher’s email with tool: Always [recommended]
    • It is not required to send the launcher’s name and email, but doing so will conveniently pre-populate the information in iClicker Reef's sign-in page the first time that the student launches the tool. Returning students will be signed in by SSO.
  • Accept grades from the tool: Always [required]
    • This setting is critical to enable iClicker Cloud's grade sync function.
  1. Click the Save changes button to complete the tool set-up.