How to Use the iClicker Cloud Online Gradebook

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The iClicker Cloud Online Gradebook allows instructors to view and export student scores on the web. Please watch our video or follow the steps below to get comfortable using the online gradebook.

Click on the image to play the video.

Open online Gradebook

Click Launch Gradebook within your iClicker Cloud course dashboard to open a new browser that takes you directly to your course Gradebook online, or go directly to and login with your username and password.

View grades and students who have dropped the course

View detailed information about your student's point totals for quizzes and sessions in your online Gradebook. You will also see any students who have dropped your course. These students can be removed from your course.

View session details and edit session name

To view the details of a session, click the session title. Here you can also update the session name from the default. If you do so, make sure you click Save.

Use "%" and "Pts" buttons to toggle grade display

Toggle between viewing your students' overall totals by points or percentages.

Export grades

Export the data by selecting the Export option on the upper-right side of the Gradebook. We offer a standard .csv file as well as exports specifically formatted for Learning Management Systems that allow you to easily upload your scores. Choose the sessions you would like to export and click Export.

Sync scores to LMS

If your course is set up to sync scores to a single-column in your learning management system, you can do so by clicking Sync Grades. If you are not utilizing the single-column LMS integration, this button will not be visible.

View student details

Click on a student's name to view a summary of his or her course statistics. You can also change a student's scores for each session or merge two accounts for the same student. You can see an Overview of each student's performance and participation, along with the class average. If you are using the Attendance module, you will also see a summary of their attendance on this tab.

View student grades or attendance

Click Grades to view or edit all polling/quizzing results for the student. If you are using the Attendance module, you can do the same for Attendance sessions by clicking Attendance.

View student responses for each session

To view student responses and score details for individual polling and quizzing questions, click Session Details. This information is only available for sessions run with iClicker Cloud 4.0 or newer.


View and edit roster

To review your course roster, return to your course by clicking the course name in your header and clicking Roster. This will show you your list of Active students. Here you can remove a student from the roster by selecting the student and clicking Remove. You can also reactivate any removed students in the Removed tab. To export your roster to a .csv file, click Export All.

View and manage courses

If you would like to view the Roster or Gradebook for any of your other iClicker Cloud Courses, click on Courses in the header. You can also add new courses from this page by clicking Create New Course, click to view a list of your Archived courses, or Delete and/or Archive a course.