Admin Guide: iClicker Classic Integrate with Moodle

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The iClicker integrate for Moodle 2.0 plug-in allows instructors to easily synchronize their iClicker data with their campus Moodle server. It also:
  1. Enables students to register and manage their remotes from within Moodle 
  2. Enables instructors to view reports within Moodle showing the status of student registrations in their classes 
  3. Enables instructors to download their Moodle roster and registrations directly into iClicker Gradebook.
  4. Enables instructors to upload iClicker scores from iClicker gradebook directly into Moodle's Gradebook 
  5. Enables administrators to view and manage remote registrations 
To deploy and administer iClicker Classic’s gradebook integration:

Step 1. Download and Install the Moodle plug-in to your institution’s server
1. Download iClicker Integrate for Moodle 2.0 from iClicker Downloads.

Note: iClicker Integrate for Moodle 2.0 is tested with Moodle 3.0.3+ (Build: 20160426) and supports single sign-on. Users running Moodle 2.x may use the v1.8.2 of the plugin. Users running Moodle v1.8-1.9 without SSO may use the previous version of the plug-in. Installations of Moodle older than version 1.8 are not supported by the iClicker integrate plug-in. This plugin should work with Moodle 3.0.3+ or newer. It is developed as a Moodle plugin/block.

If you are running Moodle 2.8 and installed a version of this plugin older than 26 April 2015 (1.8.1 or older) you may see an issue when viewing grades in the Gradebook which produces an error like this:

"Error reading from database"
Debug info: Table 'moodle28.mdl_iclicker' doesn't exist
SELECT c.* FROM mdl_iclicker instance
JOIN mdl_course c ON = instance.course
Error code: dmlreadexception

To fix this issue, upgrade your plugin to version 2.1 or newer and then run the following SQL (note that you may have to adjust the "mdl_grade_items" table name to match your local installation depending on the configured database table prefix):
update mdl_grade_items set itemtype = 'manual', itemmodule = NULL where itemtype = "blocks" and itemmodule = "iclicker"; 
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2. Install the Moodle plug-in to your institution’s server. 
To install this plugin just extract the contents into your server dir MOODLE_HOME/blocks (so you have MOODLE_HOME/blocks/iclicker). 
Once the plugin is installed, you can place the block into your instance. This is the recommended way to setup the block:
  1. Login to your Moodle instance as an admin 
  2. Click on Site Administration > Notifications 
  3. Confirm the installation of the iclicker block (continue confirmation until complete) 

See the Moodle docs for help installing plugins/blocks: 
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3. Configure iClicker

The configuration of the block is handled in the typical Moodle way. You must login as an administrator and then go to: 
Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks > iClicker > Settings 
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4. Add the iClicker plugin/block in Moodle

Once the installation is complete the iClicker block should appear in the block lists and can be added anywhere that a standard block can. It will determine permissions automatically so you can place it anywhere in your Moodle installation that you see fit. The instructions below cover the recommended setup method but you are welcome to place the block anywhere you like. 
Adding the plugin/block to My Moodle for all users: 
  1. Login to your Moodle instance as an admin 
  2. Click on Site Administration > Modules > Blocks > Sticky blocks 
  3. Select My Moodle from the pulldown. Note: You should have My Moodle enabled under Site Administration > Appearance > My Moodle > mymoodleredirect 
  4. Select iClicker from the Blocks pulldown 

Adding the plugin/block to a specific user home: 
  1. Login to your Moodle instance 
  2. Click your site name in the upper left to go back to the site root 
  3. Click on the Turn editing on button in the upper right 
  4. Select iClicker from the Blocks pulldown 
  5. Click on the Turn editing off button in the upper right 

Configuring the system settings for the plugin/block:: 
  1. Login to your Moodle instance as an admin 
  2. Click on Site Administration > Modules > Blocks > Manage blocks 
  3. Click on Settings to the right of the iClicker listing 
  4. Adjust the block system settings according to your needs 
  5. Block setup is complete 
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Step 2. Generate iClicker Configuration Files
  1. Use the LMS Admin Setup utility for your operating system (Win or Mac) to generate an LMS configuration file, LMS_Wizard.xml. You only need to generate this file once as it will work with iClicker Classic on all operating systems (Win/Mac/Linux). Note: To download this file please go to iClicker Downloads and then scroll down to the "LMS Downloads for Administrators" section and choose whether you are downloading for Windows or Mac. 
  2. Place the LMS_Wizard.xml configuration in the Resources sub-folder of a freshly downloaded version of iClicker Classic. This creates a version of iClicker that is custom-configured to work with your Moodle server.
  3. Compress the customized iClicker folder as a zip file. 
  4. Distribute the custom iClicker Classic package and iClicker Classic Moodle Instructor Guide to your faculty.