Instructor Guide: iClicker Classic Integrate with Canvas

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iClicker Classic allows a seamless integration of data between Canvas and iClicker’s gradebook. You can easily download your class roster and student registrations from Canvas and upload iClicker session data into your Canvas gradebook.

Communication with the Canvas plug-in requires set-up and authentication work from your Canvas administrator prior to your use of the application. Your Canvas administrator must provide you with one of the following:
  • An iClicker Classic Folder pre-configured for Canvas on your campus.
  • An xml configuration file for you to download.
    • You will need to download and place the LMS_Wizard.xml file into the Resources sub-folder of your iClicker Classic application folder–you must have this before you start the integration process.
Follow the steps below to complete the integration process:

Video: iClicker Integrate with Canvas
Step 1: Configure Your iClicker Software and Add to Canvas Navigation
Step 2: Synchronize Your Roster
Step 3: Upload iClicker Polling Data
Step 4: Review iClicker Scores in Canvas
Appendix A: Student iClicker Remote Registration

Video: iClicker Integrate with Canvas

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Step 1: Configure Your iClicker Software and Add to Canvas Navigation

When you copy the integration file into your iClicker Classic Resources folder, the software will recognize you are using Canvas as your LMS. You must match each Canvas course to each iClicker course (for the courses in which you plan to use the integration).

1. Select your course name from the course list and click Settings. For directions on creating your course, see Create a Course

2. Navigate to the Gradebook tab. Canvas (or a custom label specified by your Admin) should appear for the LMS Name. Click Select Course.

3. Enter your Canvas username and password and click Login (these are the credentials you use to log into your version of Canvas).

4. You will be asked if you would like to share your account with iClicker. To continue, click Authorize.

5. Your list of Canvas courses should be shown. Select your Canvas course and click Select.

6. Your Canvas course will now be listed in the Gradebook settings in iClicker Classic.

7. You have the option to synchronize remote registrations from Canvas ONLY. Checking this option will skip the national registration sync and find only registrations from your Canvas registration page.

8. Review the optional settings, then click Save.

If you would like to change the way zeros and absences are uploaded to Canvas, you can change the Export and upload settings in the iClicker settings gradebook tab. Without changing these settings, scores of zero and absences are uploaded as – (dash) to Canvas. There are two options available:
a. Upload zero scores as zero. When this option is selected, students who receive a score of 0 (meaning, they have no participation or performance points in iClicker but did vote in class), will show as a numeric value of 0 in Canvas (rather than - ).
b. Upload Ab (absences) as zero. When this option is selected, students who are absent (and show as Ab in iClicker Gradebook), will show as having a numeric value of 0 in Canvas (rather than - ). You can choose to select both options. If you select both zero and Ab to upload as numeric 0 in Canvas, scores of zero and Absences will both show as numeric 0 in Canvas (rather than - ) when scores are uploaded from iClicker Gradebook to Canvas.

9. Log into Canvas, and from your course Home, click on Settings

10. Click on Navigation

11. Find iClicker, click the cog, and then click Enable. Then click Save. 

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Step 2: Synchronize Your Roster

You can import your student roster (complete with registration data) into iClicker so polling data can be credited to your students. 

1. Open iClicker Classic and click on Gradebook.

2. Click the Sync Roster icon.

3. Your Canvas roster will be downloaded, and you will receive a message that your roster downloaded successfully.

It is recommended that you Sync Roster after drop/add periods are over in order to keep your roster up-to-date.

NOTE: If your Canvas credentials were not saved during course setup in iClicker, you will need to enter your credentials.

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Step 3Upload iClicker Polling Data

After you’ve polled your students in class, your polling data will appear in the iClicker gradebook. You can view students’ points, adjust scores, delete questions, synchronize registrations and export/upload student polling data into your Canvas gradebook.

1. Launch iClicker, select your course and click Open Gradebook.

2. From the Gradebook main window, select Sync Scores.

3. The Upload Scores to LMS to select sessions window appears. Select the session(s) you wish to upload and click Next.

4. Choose how you would like your scores to upload and click Upload.

5. Your data will be uploaded to Canvas, and you will receive a confirmation message.

  • If your Canvas credentials were not saved during course setup in iClicker, you will need to enter your credentials.
  • You will be able to edit individual student iClicker scores within the Grades section of Canvas after you’ve uploaded the data. If your admin has allowed you to upload zero value grades as a numeric zero, you will see students who received no points as “0” rather than “-“ in the Canvas Gradebook.
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Step 4: Review iClicker Scores in Canvas

Once you have uploaded your iClicker polling data to your Canvas course, you can review the scores within the LMS.

To view uploaded iClicker scores in your Canvas Gradebook: 

1. Log in to Canvas and select the course for which you wish to view your updated gradebook.

2. Once on your Course Home page, click the Grades link in the left navigation area.

3. The Grades page will open with your newly imported iClicker scores. The session scores will appear as numeric scores in may be edited like any other scores within Canvas.
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Appendix A: Student iClicker Remote Registration 
Students can register their remotes within Canvas by:

1. Logging into Canvas and selecting your course.

2. Clicking the iClicker Registration link on the left navigation pane.

3. Entering the iClicker remote ID and clicking Register.

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