How to Run a Polling Session in iClicker Cloud

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iClicker Cloud allows you to ask multiple choice, short answer, numeric, or target questions and receive responses from all students in your course. You can even set polling to “Anonymous mode” to ask sensitive questions that students might not feel comfortable answering if their response could be traced to their identity.

Follow the instructions below to conduct a polling session.

Start polling session

Sign in to your iClicker Cloud desktop software, select your course and click Start Polling Session. You can also launch a polling session from the iClicker Cloud Online Gradebook.

This will open the master toolbar, which you can toggle between a minimized or expanded size by clicking the arrow icon at the top.

Instruct students to join session

The active session icon at the bottom of the master toolbar indicates that your polling session is active and ready to join. Instruct students to join the polling session. The number of students who have joined the session appears in the master toolbar next to Attendees.

Select a question and click "Polling"

Choose a question to present to your class, then click Polling on the master toolbar. This will open the polling toolbar.

Start polling

On the polling toolbar, click the play button to start a poll.

Select question type

You can toggle between different question types using the drop-down menu. The polling toolbar also shows you how much time has elapsed in a poll and how many students have submitted responses.

Click the menu icon to start an anonymous poll

If you would like to run an anonymous poll, select anonymous polling from the menu. This will change the polling toolbar to a dark gray color to indicate you are in anonymous mode. Your polls will remain in anonymous mode until you switch your toolbar back to regular polling.

Both the iClicker Cloud master toolbar and polling toolbar float over your question content. Position these toolbars so that they do not interfere with your presentation. You can leave a polling session open during your whole class and ask questions when appropriate.

End poll

To end a poll, click the stop button.

View results

In the master toolbar, click on Results to view a results chart. Selecting the Results option displays a bar chart showing the class responses. Only show the results if you want to share this information with your students.

(Optional) Select correct answers

Click an answer choice on the chart to indicate that it is correct. Click it again to undo your selection. You can choose multiple correct responses. You can also set the correct answers later after you end a polling session. Note that anonymous questions cannot be graded, but participation points for responding can be granted.

View screenshots of questions

You also have the option to view the screenshot of each question by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the results window. Double-clicking a polling question’s image thumbnail opens a new window with a larger view of the image. Image thumbnails for Anonymous questions contain the anonymous icon below.

To ask another question:

Follow the same steps shown above.
  1. Select another question and click Polling in the master toolbar.
  2. Click the play button to start pollling.
  3. Click the stop button when you are finished polling.

End polling session

End the session by closing the master toolbar. When you do this, you will have the option of ending your session with an Exit Poll to gather post-class feedback from your students to gauge their understanding of the class. View our guide for running an Exit Poll to learn more.

Note: The Course Dashboard window appears when you end the session. You can review the session results from the Session History Dashboard.