Can I hide screenshots of my iClicker Cloud questions until after all of my sections have met?

Document created by Digital Support on May 19, 2017Last modified by Digital Support on Jan 2, 2018
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Yes! If you have multiple sections and you will be asking the same questions in each, you can hide screenshots and results of your questions until after all of your sections have met. 

1. Click on your Course Settings icon to edit how you share screenshots and results. Go to the Polling tab and select not to send a picture of your screen and/or your results. 

2. Once you've completed the session for your final section, go to the Session History tab for each course and click on the session you would now like to share screenshots and/or results for. 

3. Click on the Share Images and/or Share Results icons. This will share the screenshots and results of your questions for that section. Do this for each relevant section of your course. Note: When the icon is not highlighted (as shown below) it means that your images/results are not being shared. After clicking each icon they will appear highlighted in black meaning that your images/results have been shared.