Merge Multiple iClicker Reef Accounts for the Same Student in iClicker Cloud

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If you have a student who has created multiple Reef accounts and each is appearing in your Gradebook, you can now merge those accounts together and keep only the account that the student is using.

1. Click Launch Gradebook within your iClicker Cloud course dashboard to open a new browser that takes you directly to your course Gradebook online, or go directly to and login with your username and password.

2. Go to the Roster tab to see a list of the students currently enrolled in your course. Find any students listed who have multiple accounts. Ask them which account they would like to keep and which one needs to be removed. For students who have named both accounts the same, you can ask them to go into their incorrect Reef account and change their name to have an asterisk after it.

3. Go to the Gradebook tab and click on the student's name to pull up his or her profile. 

4. Before editing you'll want to ensure that you are making changes to the correct account. Check the e-mail to see if this is the account you'll be merging scores with or removing. (Note: In this example, this is the account we will be removing.) Click on your course name to return to your Gradebook

5. Click on the scores from the student's incorrect account that need merged into their current account. 

6. Write down or print out this information so that you can transfer it to the correct account.

7. Click on the No Response score that you would like to edit for the correct account.

8. Enter the session scores from the student's incorrect account. You will see an alert display the new Adjusted Points. Click Save. Repeat this for as many sessions as necessary. You can choose to edit each individual session missed or you can adjust one session for all missed points, the semester score will continue to be correct even if the individual session score shows as being over 100%. 

Note: If you are using the Attendance module, you should make these corrections for attendance session data, as well.

9. Go back to the iClicker Cloud platform and click on the Roster tab. Choose the student you would like to remove and click Remove.

10. You can now view your updated Gradebook. The student's incorrect account will no longer appear and you are able to view the student's total score for their correct account.