Set up and use an instructor remote in iClicker Cloud

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Use an iClicker instructor remote to control your presentation and iClicker Cloud. 

1. Add your instructor remote ID, an eight-character code located on the back of your remote and briefly displayed on the LCD screen when turned on, during iClicker Cloud account creation (a) or by updating your profile at any time (b). 

a. Add your remote ID during account creation. 

b. Update your profile by clicking on your name and then Edit.

2. Having an iClicker base plugged into your computer is required to use iClicker remotes in class (both for students and instructors). After plugging in your base, an iClicker enabled indicator will appear on the Course dashboard indicating that it's properly connected to your computer.

3. Verify that your remote and base are set to the same frequency. The Base Frequency settings are found in the course settings on the Clickers tab. Note: iClicker Cloud requires a base running firmware v5.04 or newer. You can check the version of your Base Station Firmware in the Clickers tab by clicking the Check Frequency button. Visit the iClicker website for base firmware utilities to update your base firmware if needed. 

The remote's frequency code briefly appears on the LCD screen (shown as AA below) when the remote is first powered on. To change the frequency code, press and hold the Power On/Off button until the LCD screen shows a flashing frequency code. Enter the desired frequency code using the clicker buttons. A checkmark briefly appears on the remote LCD indicating that you successfully reset the frequency code. Important: You must have a polling session started in order to update the frequency on your remote. 

4. Start a polling session and use your instructor remote.

When the Results window is hidden, the Next (C) and Previous (D) buttons control presentation software to advance or go back a slide. When the Results window is open, the Next and Previous buttons control highlighting a response on the chart or table. When a response is highlighted, pressing the Select Answer (E) button changes the response to be correct/incorrect.