Block or Remove a Student from Your iClicker Cloud Course

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Instructors can selectively remove students and unregistered clickers from their roster. A removed student is no longer able to join sessions and the student's account is blocked until the instructor chooses to reactivate the student to the class roster. To do this:

1. Open iClicker Cloud and select the Roster tab at the top of the dashboard.

2. Select any students who should be removed/blocked from joining your class. This will activate the Remove button. Click on this button to remove the student from your roster. The student will no longer be able to join or participate in your course.

3. If you would like to re-add the student to your roster, you can do so by clicking on the Removed Students tab, selecting the student and then clicking Activate. The student will be moved back into your roster and they will recover the ability to join and participate in your iClicker Cloud course.

4. This is the message students receive in Reef if you have removed them from your course. If your students receive the following message in error, have them contact you to request to be activated in the course again.