i>clicker 6 Integrate: Moodle Instructor Guide

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Note: This article applies only to i>clicker version 6.4.1 and higher. For instructions on i>clicker Integrate for Moodle in i>clicker version 7.4 and higher, click here.


i>clicker integrate is a wizard that provides a seamless integration of data between your learning management system (LMS) and i>clicker/i>grader. i>clicker integrate:
• Enables students to register their i>clicker remotes directly within your LMS.
• Allows you to easily download your class roster and student registrations from your LMS into i>grader.
• Allows you to easily upload your i>clicker session data into your LMS gradebook. 

i>clicker integrate requires some set up and authentication work from your LMS administrator prior to your use of the application. By the time you are reading this guide, your LMS administrator has likely already provided you with a series of program files that allow you to integrate your i>clicker data with your LMS courses.

Guide Objectives

The attached guide will show you how to:
• Copy the required integrate files into your iclicker Win or iclicker Mac folders. (Note your campus administrator may have already done this for you.)
• Specify your LMS version within i>clicker so your polling data correctly uploads into your gradebook.
• Direct students to register their i>clicker remotes within your LMS.
• Download your LMS student roster and registrations into i>grader.
• Upload your i>clicker session data to you LMS gradebook.

LMS Administrator toolkits are available for download here.

Part 1: Setting Up i>clicker Integrate

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Part 2: Synchronizing Your Roster

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Part 3: Uploading i>clicker Polling Data Into Your LMS

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