FAQ: Using iClicker Classic with Reef Student Application Enabled

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Please view a list of our frequently asked questions below. Have a question that's not listed? Please contact support at support@iclicker.com and we will answer your question and maybe even post it here!

How will remote or distance learning students using Reef know what question I am asking?
Reef will display a screenshot of your question in real time. You can manage this setting while creating your Reef course or any time after by going to your Course Settings and to the Reef Polling tab.
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Can students get a refund if they purchased access to iClicker Reef but I am not allowing Reef in class?
Reef subscription purchases are non-refundable. When students create a Reef account, they are automatically granted a 14-day free trial; we ask them to use this trial period to test Reef and make sure that their instructor is using it before purchasing additional subscription time.
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Can students participate in self-paced polling using Reef?
No. Students cannot participate in self-paced polling using iClicker Reef. Only students using iClicker 2 remotes can participate in self-paced polling.
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Can the iClicker instructor software receive votes from iClicker remotes and Reef at the same time?
Yes. As long as a base is plugged in and Reef is enabled, the iClicker software will receive votes from iClicker, iClicker+, iClicker 2 and Reef.
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Can I enable Reef in a class of 100 or more students?
Yes, Reef has the capacity to work in very large classes containing several hundred students. However, please remember that your campus’ wireless network may not be able to handle such a large load on its servers.
For an optimal experience, the classroom should be capable of supporting the estimated maximum number of simultaneous connections within the same access area (i.e., sufficient Access Points to support the students in the room and the multiple mobile devices they bring with them).
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Is polling slower with Reef than with the iClicker remotes?
The speed of mobile polling within iClicker is highly dependent on the network speed of the classroom environment. With a robust wireless connection, there is not a significant lag time. If you are experiencing lag, our primary recommendation is for the instructor to plug directly into a hardwired Ethernet connection.
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Does Reef require WiFi in the classroom?
Yes. Your classroom must be WiFi enabled in order for students to participate using their mobile devices.

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Is my Reef-enabled iClicker Classic course accessible in iClicker Cloud?
No. Courses created in iClicker Classic cannot be accessed in iClicker Cloud.

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