What does "Beta" mean?

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When an area of our website, application, or software is in Beta, it means we're still working out the functionality and any subsequent bugs associated with the feature.

In most if not all cases, Beta has several stages. First, there is Closed Private Beta where we hand-select and work with schools or instructors to test the software in a live classroom environment, collecting rigorous feedback from them as they experience the features of the software. Next is Private Beta. In this phase we take requests from schools or instructors to try the software in their classroom, still continuing to collect feedback and make changes to the software as needed. Last is Public Beta, where we allow any of our users to try the software, understanding that they may come across bugs. Before a feature can be released to Public Beta, the team at iClicker must have a 99% certainty that the efficacy of student grades is protected.

Prior to the release of any feature to any stage of Beta, the software has been tested thoroughly and certified by our quality assurance team.