Polling Question Types

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Select Question Type
By default, every session starts with the default question type set to Multiple Choice. You can change the question type by clicking the drop-down menu on the polling toolbar and choosing the desired question type from the list.

Multiple Choice
Students are able to select a single letter response A-E. While students can only select one response, you can select multiple responses as correct when grading.

Short Answer
Short Answer allows you to pose open-ended questions. Students using Reef can respond with up to 140 characters, including punctuation and most symbols. Students responding with iClicker 2 remotes are limited to the device maximum of 16 characters. Identical responses are bucketed together in the Results. Bucketing is not case-sensitive.

Numeric type are open-ended questions that are just numeric values. Responses can include up to 8 digits plus decimal point. Students using the native apps have a simple, number keypad for quick entry. Numeric response supports scientific notation and exponents. Entries are bucketed by value; for example, 5000, 5000.00, and 5E3 would bucket together.

Target Questions
This question type allows instructors to ask questions simply by sending an image to students. Students answer the questions by clicking, or tapping, the correct location on the image using their laptops or smart devices. Target questions are ideal in disciplines where visual understanding is required including medical, engineering, geography, and more. Students must be using Reef on a mobile device or laptop to participate as this question type is not available for use with iClicker remotes.

Anonymous Polling
You can ask any of the question types above in in “Anonymous mode.” This allows you to ask sensitive questions that students might not feel comfortable answering if their response could be traced to their identity. To switch your toolbar to anonymous mode, select anonymous polling from the menu. This will change the polling toolbar to a dark gray color to indicate you are in anonymous mode. Your polls will remain in anonymous mode until you switch your toolbar back to regular polling.