The Synchronization Process: An Overview

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iClicker Cloud uses Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards to publish scores from Reef to the LMS grade book with a single click of a button. This integration is an alternative to the manual export/import process with external CSV files.
  1. Select your iClicker Cloud course and open the course settings.
Click either the gear icon in the side panel or the Edit button on your course dashboard.

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  1. From the Settings window, select the LMS Sync tab and then copy the course-specific link.
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IMPORTANT: This link is unique for each iClicker Cloud course. You need to follow these directions for each course you are teaching and paste the specific link into your corresponding LMS course.
  1. Log into your LMS to create the iClicker Cloud association link.
Instructor Guide: Create the iClicker Cloud Association Link in Blackboard Learn
Instructor Guide: Create the iClicker Cloud Association Link in Canvas
Instructor Guide: Create the iClicker Cloud association Link in Brightspace by Desire2Learn
Instructor Guide: Create the iClicker Cloud Association Link in Moodle
  1. Direct your students to use the link you created.

Students need to sign in to your LMS and use the link you created to sign in to their Reef account or create a new account if they don’t already have one.

  • Using the LMS link automatically adds your course to the student’s account; the student won’t have to search for your course to join it.

  • Students only need to use the link you created once to allow you to sync their score. Once the association is made, students may choose to go directly to the Reef student website or the Reef Student application on their mobile devices. Students may also use an iClicker student remote to respond in class, if you choose to allow this option. Regardless of the method students use to respond in class, they must all associate a Reef Student account through the link provided in your LMS course in order to have their scores properly sync to the LMS gradebook.

  • Returning students choosing to use the link you created will be automatically logged into their Reef Student accounts through single sign-on (SSO) and taken directly to your course page.

  1. Run polling and quizzing sessions, then synchronize your scores from the Gradebook dashboard.
  • Click the Sync Scores to LMS button to synchronize your iClicker Cloud score totals.
  • iClicker Cloud score totals are synced to your LMS as percentages.
  • In the LMS, you define the total points iClicker Cloud is worth for your course.
  • When you sync the iClicker Cloud percent, it is normalized to reflect the percentage of points defined in the LMS.
EXAMPLE: Halfway through the term, an instructor has run 20 polling sessions worth a total of 160 points. In their LMS, the instructor defined the iClicker Cloud grade item to be worth 50 points for their course. A student with an iClicker Cloud score of 120 points will show an LMS score of 37.5 points when syncing scores.

iClicker Cloud: (120 pts earned) / (160 pts possible) = 0.75
LMS: (0.75)(50 pts possible) = 37.5 pts earned
  • Students who have used the link will show a green dot in the LMS column.

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  • Whenever you sync your scores, you also send an email reminder to any student who has not yet used the link you created. You can turn this option off in the LMS Sync tab of your Course Settings.
  • TIP: The online Roster export includes the LMS Connection status for your students.