Admin Guide: iClicker Classic Integrate with D2L/Brightspace

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 The Integrate for Desire2Learn folder includes all the files necessary to deploy and administer iClicker integrate for your institution’s Desire2Learn server. Integrate for D2L v2.6 is designed for use with iClicker 7.7 and higher. Downloads for both Windows and Macintosh are available at the iClicker website.

NOTE: If your school is part of D2L’s continuous delivery releases, please see the special notes section below.

Step 1: Get Started with Pre-Setup
Step 2: Create the Student Registration LTI Link
Step 3: Configure iClicker Integrate
Step 4: Continuous Delivery Setup
Step 5: Package and Distribute the Configured Software

Step 1Get Started with Pre-Setup

Make sure your instructor role permissions in D2L are set to “See Usernames”.
a. Log into D2L as admin
b. Select “Settings” gear icon in the upper right corner
c. Select Security > Roles and Permissions
d. Click on the Instructor Role > Edit Role Permissions
e. Under filter by tool, user information privacy, check to make sure “See Username” is checked under “Course Offering”.
NOTE: these steps may vary depending on your version of D2L.

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Step 2: Create the Student Registration LTI Link

1. Click on the settings cog and choose External Learning Tools.

2. Under Manage External Learning Tool Links, click New Link.

3. Enter the following information on the Edit Link form:
Title: e.g. “Register Your iClicker Remote”
URL (enter exactly as shown here):
Key/ Secret: [uncheck “Sign messages with key/secret with”]

4. Click Add custom parameters and enter the following: 
Name: URL
Value (include a at the end of your URL): e.g., (do not enter this URL, enter your D2L URL)

5. Make sure all checkboxes under Security Settings are checked and click Add Org Units. See the image below – if all of the Security Settings options shown in the image are not available in your External Learning Tools settings page, please do the following:

a. Save the current iClicker registration External Learning Tool settings to return to the Manage External Learning Tools list.
b. Click on the “Settings” gear icon on the top right of the Manage External Learning Tools page.
c. Scroll down to the Security Settings and check ALL options.
d. Click “Save and Close” to return to the Manage External Learning Tools list. Continue by clicking Add Org Units

6. Select the checkbox next to your institution's name, check All descendants and then click Insert.

7. Check to make sure all of the security boxes are still checked and click Save and Close.

8. You can now review your link.

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Step 3: Configure iClicker Integrate 
  • Launch the Admin Setup Utility (iclicker-lms-admin-setup application).
    • NOTE: To download this file please go to the iClicker Download page and then scroll down to the "LMS Downloads for Administrators" section and choose whether you are downloading for Windows or Mac. 
  • Select Desire2Learn from the Select your LMS drop down menu and click Next.
  • Enter the desired LMS Description.
  • If you would like to allow instructors to save their login credentials, check the box marked “Allow instructors to save their login credentials for automatic login”. If this box is NOT checked, instructors must always follow the login process from within iClicker Classic.
  • If you would like to give instructors the ability to upload zero scores as a numeric zero rather than a null value, check this option. Instructors may experience slower performance with this option enabled.
  • Enter your D2L domain.
    • NOTE: this must match the URL entered in the iClicker External Learning Tool settings exactly.
  • Be sure that you are logged in to D2L on your computer’s default web browser. Click Login in the Admin Setup Utility. Your default browser will open and may ask for permission to continue; click OK or Yes if prompted to grant permission.
    • RARE: If you receive an error message and need to enter your App ID and Key, click Configure ID and Key. Note: this step may not be necessary.
      • Enter your App ID and Key and click Save.
  • Once your credentials are authenticated, you will see a message that your credentials are verified.
  • Click Finish.
  • You will now see the file LMS_Wizard.xml present in your Admin Setup Utility folder. Place this file in the iClicker Classic Resources sub-folder before distributing iClicker to instructors.
    • NOTE: If your school is part of D2L’s continuous delivery releases, please see the special notes section below before placing this file in the Resources folder.
  • Make the LMS-specific Instructor User Guide available to your instructors. This user guide is included with the integrate download.
NOTE: You may configure more than one LMS if desired. Simply run the Admin Wizard for the second LMS, keeping the LMS_Wizard.xml file in place (the same folder as the Admin Wizard). The resulting LMS_Wizard.xml file will be configured for the additional LMS. Please note each LMS Description must be unique (e.g., you cannot have two LMS Descriptions named “D2L”).

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Step 4: Continuous Delivery Setup (skip this step if using D2L 10.4 or earlier)

D2L roster format changed in continuous delivery releases (v10.4 and above). In order to accommodate this change, you must alter the LMS_Wizard.xml file as follows.
  1. Generate the LMS_Wizard.xml file as shown below.
  2. Open the XML file in a text editor and look for the following values:



  3. Change the value of FirstNameIndex to 1 and the value of LastNameIndex to 0. The end result should look like:



    NOTE: if you are using Mac, be sure to use an app like Text Wrangler, which can handle formatting of quotes. Windows users should use Notepad or Notepad++.

  4. Save the XML file.
  5. Distribute the XML file to instructors as you normally do.
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Step 5: Package and Distribute the Configured Software

Place the configuration file generated in the previous step, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder.

To generate the iClicker Classic configuration file for faculty:
1. Download a fresh version of iClicker Classic for each OS you will make available to your faculty (Win/Mac/Linux).

2. Place the configuration file generated from the LMS Admin Set-up Utility, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder. The same xml file works for all operating systems (Win/Mac/Linux).

3. Add the instructor’s user guide for using Brightspace/D2L with iClicker Classic in the application folder. This user guide is included with the Admin Setup download and can also be downloaded separately from the User Guide section of the website.

4. Compress the entire application folder and make this configured version of iClicker Classic available to your faculty to download.

NOTE: Faculty will need to enable the External Learning Tool link by creating a module in their course content page. They will click “Add Activities”, choose “External Learning Tools” and choose the iClicker registration link you created. These steps are outlined in our iClicker 7.14 D2L Instructor Guide.

Contact us for additional support for Brightspace/D2L-related issues.