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The iClicker Integrate Admin Set-up Wizard is an application that generates the configuration file for your instructors. This file helps your instructors to easily synchronize iClicker Classic with your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS). Integrate for Canvas v2.4 is designed for use with iClicker 7.14 and higher. Downloads for both Windows and Macintosh are available at the iClicker website.

Please follow these steps:


Setup iClicker External Tool

Setup iClicker External Tool (External Apps) in Canvas. This will allow students to register their iClicker remotes from within Canvas.

Go to Admin in Canvas

Log into Canvas as an admin and navigate to your Managed Account from the Admin menu.

Settings > Apps

Click the Settings option in the side menu bar then click the Apps tab.

Select iClicker

Search for iClicker and then click on the iClicker image.

Click the "+ Add App" button

Enter key and secret

The Add App window appears. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret and click Add App.
Name: iClicker registration
Consumer Key: IC001
Shared Secret: 001

View App Configurations

After the iClicker tool is added to your External Apps, click View App Configurations.

Edit iClicker registration

Find iClicker registration, click the cog, and then select Edit.

Edit custom fields and click "Submit"

Edit the iClicker App “Custom Fields” link by entering your institution’s URL. For example, the custom field should read: “Domain_URL=”. Be sure to use the main URL for Canvas and not the SSO/federated login URL for the campus.

Instructors can now add the iClicker registration link to their course navigation (the link is hidden by default in all courses).

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Generate iClicker configuration files

Generate the iClicker configuration file for your instructors. This will allow instructors to download their roster from Canvas into iClicker and upload grades from iClicker into Canvas.

Download, install, and run Admin Setup Utility

Launch the Admin Setup Utility (iclicker-lms-admin-setup application). To download this file please go to the iClicker Downloads page and then scroll down to the LMS Downloads for Administrators section and choose whether you are downloading for Windows or Mac.

  1. Select Canvas from the drop‐down menu on the opening screen and click the Next button.
  2. Enter the desired LMS Description.
  3. Check the box marked Allow instructors to save their login credentials for automatic login if you would like to allow instructors to save credentials. If this box is not checked, instructors will not see the option to save credentials from within iClicker Classic.
  4. Enter your Canvas URL.
  5. Enter an admin authentication token. This value is not saved but is used once as a ‘handshake’ token with Canvas.
  6. If you would like to give instructors the ability to upload zero scores as zero (numeric value), check this option. Instructors may experience slower performance with this option enabled.
  7. If you would like to give instructors the ability to download usernames with rosters, check this option. Instructors may experience slower performance with this option enabled.
  8. Click Finish to complete setup.

A confirmation message will indicate that the information provided was successfully authenticated and the set‐up files are ready for distribution to your instructors.

The LMS_Wizard.xml file should now be present in your iclicker‐lms‐admin‐setup folder.

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Package and distribute the configured software

Place the configuration file generated in the previous step, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder.

Download iClicker Classic

Download a fresh version of iClicker Classic for each OS you will make available to your faculty (Win/Mac/Linux).

Place configuration file in Resources folder

Place the configuration file generated from the LMS Admin Set-up Utility, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder. The same xml file works for all operating systems (Win/Mac/Linux).

Place instructor user guide in application folder

Add the instructor’s user guide for using Canvas with iClicker Classic in the application folder. This user guide is included with the Admin Setup download and can also be downloaded separately from the User Guide section of the website.

Compress application folder

Compress the entire application folder and make this configured version of iClicker Classic available to your faculty to download.

Note: You may configure more than one LMS if desired. Simply run the Admin Wizard for the second LMS, keeping the LMS_Wizard.xml file in place (the same folder as the Admin Wizard). The resulting LMS_Wizard.xml file will be configured for the additional LMS. Please note each LMS Description must be unique (e.g., you cannot have two LMS Descriptions named “Canvas”).

Contact us for additional support for Canvas-related issues.

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