How to Use the Advanced Institution Administrator Role in iClicker Campus

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The Advanced Institution Administrator (AIA) role allows you to utilize student reporting and provide extra support to users via the new “Support” tab.

AIA functionality is only available if you have been granted access by the iClicker team. However, AIA access may not be permitted at your institution. We care about the privacy of instructors and students and therefore require express permission from campus administrators before providing AIA access. If you are authorized by your institution to access iClicker/Reef users’ accounts and privileged information and would like to request AIA access, please complete this form.

Student Report

Under reports, click on Student.

The Student report shows a list of all students using iClicker Reef for the time period of your choice. In addition, the report shows:
  • Courses: the number of courses in which the corresponding student is using iClicker Reef.
  • Attendance: a check mark if the student used attendance (requires instructor to use iClicker Reef Attendance in class).
  • Polling & Quizzing: a check mark if the student used polling and/or quizzing (requires instructor to use Polling or Quizzing in class)
The report also shows the following totals.
  • Courses: the total number of courses in which iClicker Reef is being used by students
  • Attendance: total number of students using Attendance
  • Polling & Quizzing: total number of students using Polling and Quizzing combined. NOTE: this number represents the number of students using a site license if your school has a site license.

Additional functionality:
  • The date range can be specified, and the data table will update based on the date range.
  • Click on each column header to sort the column in ascending or descending order.
  • Click Export to download the table as a CSV file.


Click on Support to see user profile support.

Click on Users. You can search for a user By Name or By Email. Type the name or email address of the user and click Enter. A list of matches is returned in the table below. (If no users are found, no results found will appear).
Click on the user name hyperlink to open the user’s profile.

Inside the user profile, you can view general profile information, including:
  • Registered Clickers: the iClicker remotes registered to the user.
  • Roles and Permissions: the role(s) the user has
    • Participants are students
    • Facilitators are instructors
    • Institution Administrators are admins with access to the dashboard and reports
    • Advanced Institution Administrators are admins with access to dashboard, reports, and support
  • Instructor Courses: courses instructors are teaching and the course status (active, archived)
  • Beta permissions: beta modules (such as Attendance) to which the user has access
  • LoginAs: the ability to impersonate the user


From the Support tab, click the LoginAs button.

You will receive a temporary password for logging into the instructor site or student site.

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to your iClicker Client Relationship Specialist.