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Please view a list of our frequently asked questions below. Have a question that's not listed? Please contact support at support@iclicker.com and we will answer your question and maybe even post it here!
How do I find my software version?

To identify what version of the iClicker software you are using, check the "Title" screen of the software.
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Do I have to update my software to use iClicker 2?
No. You can use any version of the iClicker software with iClicker 2 for A-E polling (Multiple Choice, True/False, Yes/No). However, to use Numeric and Alphanumeric polling, you must use iClicker v6.1 or higher. To take advantage of Numeric and Alphanumeric polling, you also need a base with firmware v4.05 or newer. Contact support@iclicker.com if you have additional questions about compatibility.
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Can I use the latest software with the original iClicker remotes?
Yes, all software upgrades are backwards compatible.
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What is the best way to backup my iClicker class data?

1. We highly recommend that you run iClicker directly from your hard drive if possible and (as your IT person has probably said before!) back your entire hard drive up regularly.
2. If you need to run iClicker from a flash drive and want to backup the data, you only need to make a copy of the Classes folder—not the entire iClicker folder—and store it someplace safe (e.g., campus cloud storage, cloud service, backup drive).
The Classes folder contains all of the individual session data and the student roster. You can then drag this folder into any copy of iClicker and Gradebook will be able to read all of the session data that has been stored in the folder. Your roster and any synced registrations will carry over, too.
3. And where is the individual session data stored?
Sessions are stored in the Classes>YourClass>SessionData folder. The naming convention is L+YYMMDDHHMM.csv (e.g., a session held at 9AM on 12/18/13 would be L1312180900.csv). Important: Because these are the raw files that iClicker reads, it's very important that you make a copy and move that copy outside of the SessionData folder before manipulating the data; otherwise, you could render the files unreadable to iClicker.
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What if your software or computer crashes?
As we hear time and again from our user community, iClicker hardware and software are extremely reliable and software crashes are extremely rare. If your computer (or operating system) crashes, there are additional protective measures in place. A few small files are generated each time a poll is conducted and the raw data files are updated. If a system were to crash mid-lecture, you would not lose any data that had occurred previous to the crash. Once your computer and iClicker software have recovered from the crash, you can choose “Resume Session” inside iClicker to go back to your previous session and continue polling.
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How much memory will the application require?
iClicker is executable and requires no installation or additional hard drive space. It is a completely plug-and-play solution. The software is available as free download at www.iclicker.com.
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Do I have to install the software?
iClicker is executable and requires no installation or additional hard drive space. It is a completely plug-and-play solution. The software is available as free download at www.iclicker.com.
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Do my students need to be registered before class?
No, students do not need to be registered in order for iClicker to collect votes. For students who are not yet registered, responses will be associated with the respective remote IDs. In other words, you can use iClicker to collect data/votes from the very first day of class and eventually tie all students to their remote IDs through either roll call registration or web site registration.
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Does iClicker work with PowerPoint and other software?
Yes. You can use iClicker with PowerPoint by simply writing your questions in a PowerPoint slide, just as you would any other course content. In fact, if you have an existing presentation/lecture with multiple choice, true/false, or yes/no questions, you do not need to re-author your presentation. The iClicker toolbar floats in front of your PowerPoint slideshow, or any type of software you may be using, enabling you to poll at any point during your presentation (i.e., on a question slide). Each time you enable polling, iClicker takes a picture of your screen (i.e., your question) for you to review later. No additional work is required.
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How do I enable the instructor’s remote?

To designate your iClicker remote as an instructor’s remote, you must enter the remote ID in your iClicker software under Settings and then the General tab. The remote ID is the unique 8-character serial number on the back of every iClicker remote.
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How do students register their remotes?
iClicker currently offers two standard registration methods: in-class registration and online (web-based) registration, both of which are free and are easily incorporated into your course. Minimal information is required of your students and both registration options are tied to your class roster. The instructor should select which option he/she will use and notify students accordingly.
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Why did I get an "Error Writing to Disk" Alert?
After downloading the software from the website, you should extract the files. If you do not, you may get an "Error Writing to Disk" alert, because your computer is trying to run the application from the disk image. To resolve this:
  1. Go to the “Downloads” folder and double-click on the “iClicker7.12.dmg” file. Make sure that you do not start the iClicker application yet.
  2. The system opens the iClicker folder in a different window. Grab that exact folder and copy it to the desktop.
  3. Once it’s copied, run the app from the folder which is copied on the desktop.

For best results, we recommend that you run the iClicker software from your desktop, but you can also run it from a USB flash drive. If you would prefer the flash drive, simply copy over the entire folder on your desktop to the flash drive. Remember, wherever you open iClicker from is where the response data will be saved back to after a session has ended. You should consistently open the software from the same application in order to keep all of your iClicker data together.

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Does the iClicker national registration site obtain information that could violate any FERPA requirements?
The data collected by iClicker is minimal and meaningless when disconnected from the professor’s roster, contained only on the desktop. The iClicker web registration process was specifically designed to consider privacy/FERPA laws. Students who register their clicker online via our national database must enter their last name, first name, student ID, as determined by the professor, and iClicker remote ID. This data is stored on a SQL server database owned by Macmillan, the parent company of iClicker. We do not collect or store the students’ IP addresses, nor do we request student school affiliation, course information, or email address. As a result, the data is purposefully of no use outside of registration.
Specifically, as related to FERPA, we don’t collect non-directory student information in an interpretable and traceable way. For example, we won’t know if a Michael Lee registered on our site is from the University of California-Irvine or New York University—the information can’t be traced to an individual state or school.
However, we also recognize that many campuses prefer to host registration on campus to further protect the data. Our campus-hosted registration options are easy and we will be happy to consult with you in implementing a locally-hosted registration system.
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Can my campus host registration locally rather than using your website?
Yes, iClicker offers institutions the option to host their own registration site or use their own LDAP authentication with our national database; we can provide the requisite PERL scripts and administration support. For complete instructions on these options, please visit the site at www.iclicker.com.
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My Mac is saying the program is damaged and must be put in the trash. What should I do?

If you are using a Mac and running iClicker from an external drive (e.g., USB flash drive), you must first run the program from the internal hard drive (e.g., from the Downloads or Desktop folder) before moving it to a removable drive. 

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