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iClicker Integrate for Blackboard Learn (v5.3.9) provides a seamless integration of data between your learning management system (LMS) and iClicker v7.14’s integrated gradebook. iClicker Integrate:
  • Enables students to register their iClicker remotes directly within Blackboard.

  • Allows instructors to easily download their class rosters and student registrations from Blackboard into the iClicker v7.14’s integrated gradebook.

  • Allows instructors to easily upload their iClicker session data into Blackboard.

Additional notes:

  • This guide is written specifically for iClicker v7.14. If you are using an older version of iClicker, you must use the setup utility specific to iClicker v6. Although both versions of iClicker integrate with the same Blackboard plug-in, the configuration files are different and require using the Admin setup utility specific to the version of iClicker being used.
  • iClicker Blackboard plug-in v5.3.10 is designed to accommodate Blackboard SaaS environments. This integration requires the iClicker v5.3.10 plug-in, Admin Wizard 1.2, and iClicker 7.10 (minimum).

Please follow these steps to set up iClicker Integrate for Blackboard on your campus:


Install the Building Block

iClicker’s integration requires installation of the iClicker Building Block by a system administrator.

Log in and click "System Admin"

Once logged in, click the System Admin tab to navigate to the Administrator Panel page.

Click "Building Blocks"

From the Administrator Panel page, click the Building Blocks link listed in the Building Blocks sub-panel.

Click "Installed Tools"

Click the Installed Tools option from the Building Blocks page to view the list of installed building blocks.

Click "Upload Building Blocks"

Click the Upload Building Blocks button at the top of the list.

Upload .war file

From the Install Building Block page, click the Browse button and navigate to the appropriate building block .war file downloaded from the iClicker site. This file is found in the iclicker Bb Learn plugin folder from the uncompressed Blackboard integration ZIP package. Click Open.

Click "Submit"

Click the Submit button to commit the installation.

Click "Approve"

The Make Building Block Available page opens with details of the privileges the building block requires. Click the Approve button to complete the installation.

Click "Return"

After installation is complete click Return to be taken back to the Installed Tools page.

Note: The default availability of the building block within courses and organizations is controlled by the settings on the Tools page.

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Configure the Building Block

Once installed and made available, the building block must be configured.

Open iClicker settings

From the Installed Tools page, find iClicker and hover over it to see more options. Click the down arrow to select the Settings option.

Note: The building block must be set to Available in order for the Settings option to be visible.

The iClicker Building Block page opens with brief descriptions and links to the available configurations. Map Course Roles is required; Enter Single Sign On Shared Key is recommended. All other settings are optional and not often employed.

Click on "Enter Single Sign On Shared Key"

For institutions using single sign-on (SSO) authentication, security is provided through a combination of a shared key created by the administrator and a unique key assigned to each instructor. The shared key is created and managed here in the Building Block Settings page.

Leave the Shared Key blank to disable SSO authentication. When disabled, instructors using integration will log into their Blackboard account with their LMS username and password.

Enter a 10-character minimum shared Key to enable SSO authentication. Copy this key to the integrate Administrator Setup utility when generating the iClicker configuration files. When enabled, instructors will log into their Blackboard account using their LMS username and a unique Security Key assigned to them by the plug-in. Instructors can view their key from the iClicker page within their Blackboard account. Click Submit to save.

Click on "Map Course Roles" 

The iClicker building block recognizes three roles with different levels of access. By default, the iClicker roles map to the Blackboard roles such that only Instructors and Students (required) have access to the building block features. The Map Course Roles setting allows you to change the mapping to accommodate roles defined by your institution.

Note: You may want to give TAs instructor controls if they are involved in the setup process.

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Generate iClicker configuration files

The iClicker LMS Admin Set-up Utility is an application that generates configuration files for your instructors using iClicker Classic. These files help your instructors to easily synchronize iClicker’s integrated gradebook with Blackboard.

Download and launch the Admin Setup Utility

Launch the Admin wizard application by double-clicking either iclicker-lms-adminsetup.exe (Windows) or (Macintosh).

Note: To download this file please go to the iClicker Downloads page and then scroll down to the LMS Downloads for Administrators section and choose whether you are downloading for Windows or Mac.

Select "Blackboard Learn" and click "Next"

Select Blackboard Learn from the drop-down menu on the opening screen and click the Next > button.

Enter info, then click "Finish"

Provide details about your Blackboard server by completing the parameters on the screen. Click the Finish button when you are done.

A confirmation message will indicate that the information provided was successfully authenticated and the set-up files are ready for distribution to your instructors. Click the Exit button to dismiss the window and quit the program.

The configuration file that is generated, LMS_Wizard.xml, is used by all platforms of iClicker Classic (Win/Mac/Linux).

Note: You can configure more than one LMS if needed. Simply run the Admin Wizard for each LMS (supported by iClicker) you need to configure. The XML generated will include all LMS configured. Each LMS must be named uniquely (e.g., you cannot have two LMS integrations named “Blackboard”).

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Package and distribute the configured software

Place the configuration file generated in the previous step, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder.

Download iClicker Classic

Download a fresh version of iClicker Classic for each OS you will make available to your faculty (Win/Mac/Linux).

Place configuration file in Resources folder

Place the configuration file generated from the LMS Admin Set-up Utility, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder. The same xml file works for all operating systems (Win/Mac/Linux).

Place instructor user guide in application folder

Add the instructor’s user guide for using Blackboard Learn with iClicker Classic in the application folder. This user guide is included with the Admin Setup download and can also be downloaded separately from the User Guide section of the website.

Compress application folder

Compress the entire application folder and make this configured version of iClicker Classic available to your faculty to download.

Contact us for additional support for Blackboard-related issues.

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