iClicker Cloud Grade Sync with LaunchPad

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Are you using both iClicker Cloud and LaunchPad and want to quickly and easily sync iClicker Cloud scores to LaunchPad? Great! Follow these simple steps to add your iClicker Cloud course URL to your LaunchPad course.
  1. Create both your iClicker Cloud course and your LaunchPad course.
  2. Obtain your iClicker Cloud course link by visiting the Grade Sync tab of your course settings. Select "Single-column grade sync" and copy the link.

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  3. From your LaunchPad course, choose +Add New to add an assignment.

    +Add New appears to the top right of the content list.

  4. Choose iClicker Reef Course Link.

  5. Name your assignment, paste the link from step 2, and add any details you'd like to share with your students.
  6. Click the Assignment tab to set assignment details.
    • Due date should be the end of the semester. Please note that you will only create ONE Assignment for iClicker Reef that will be used throughout the entire semester.
    • For Calculation Type please use default - "Use score earned."
    • Click "Assign."

  7. You will see the assignment added to your course.

Your students will see this assignment, click on the link, and log into or create their iClicker Reef account to make the student connection between the two systems.