Textbook Unavailable? Try These Other Options

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Many users start to build their courses using a pre-existing commercial textbook by searching for that text with its ISBN. Searching for a textbook may produce three possible results:

The most comprehensive results are labeled with a green ribbon.
Textbooks with limited details available are labeled beta with an orange B. User-added image
Intellus Learning has not gathered any information on texts that meet your search parameters.User-added image

If your ISBN search produces no results or your textbook is labeled beta, try these alternate suggestions:
    • Search by title and/or author: Sometimes different editions of your textbook may have been crawled by the platform.

    • Search for comparable textbooks: Consider using a few keywords in the title field to pull up related texts to yours.

    • Search by topics: If you are unable to find a suitable textbook to generate your course structure and recommendations, you can always search by topics instead.