Using the Platform FAQ

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Where can I get help building my course? 
We offer a number of resources to help you within the platform. Free virtual training sessions and office hours occur weekly. (Sign up here!) This support website houses documentation pertaining to building courses, publishing options, LMS integration, and more. Contact with any additional questions. 

Can I see how faculty at other schools are using the platform? 
No, courses created on one institution’s platform cannot be shared to another institution’s platform. However, users within a particular institution have the ability to share courses with other users from the Details page in the platform. 

How do you support course versioning? 
Users can copy courses within the platform (Click +Create a Course or Lesson and select Choose from Existing Course), which allows users to create versions of various courses. 

What does the orange “B” mean next to a textbook and/or topic?
The orange B included with a textbook or topic indicates that we do not know enough about that particular textbook or topic to provide strong recommendations against your digital library. However, that does not mean we are lacking content on that topic and instead recommend clicking on the Explore tab and searching for that topic within the digital library.

What is the difference between “Outline View” and “Organize”?
On the Outline View page, you can add structure to your course and align topics and learning outcomes to different components. On the Organize page, you are able to view the content that has been curated and determine the order of the content and provide additional instructions.
How do I delete/remove a resource I curated?
On the Organize page, you can delete, re-order, and add pre- and post-instructions for each asset.
What is the difference between "See Recommended Resources" in Curate and "Required/Recommended" resources when I add a resource to a course?
Resources displayed when you click See Recommended Resources on the Curate page are generated by the platform based on the topic(s) and/or textbook information provided. When you to assign a resource and click +Add to Course, you can indicate whether that resources is either required or recommended for students to review.