Video Assignment: Information Literacy

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Video title: Viva la Library (The Information Literacy Song)

Topic(s): Information literacy, library sources

Search terms: video viva la library

Time (of video): 3:48

Posted by: James McGrath

Date posted: May 28, 2013


Video description: A humorous, yet pertinent, song about information literacy.


Question/writing prompt: Why is a simple Google search insufficient for a research paper?


In-class activities: 

The following activities prepare students to do research by exploring online sources of information.


Compare Online Sources Objective: Students learn the differences among sources for research. 

  1. Have students click around on sites like JSTOR (, EBSCO (, and Wikipedia (
  2. Ask them to share what they notice about the different sites.


Online Resources Objective: Students learn about online resources.

  1. Discuss the value of databases and digital libraries like JSTOR and EBSCO.
  2. Invite a librarian to speak to the class (perhaps during your guided tour) to discuss databases and to get students comfortable with using them.


Evaluating Sources Objective: Students learn about evaluating sources.

  1. Refer to information in the textbook on evaluating sources.
  2. Discuss topics like relevance, authority, and bias.