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Summer internship season is in full swing, so we thought we’d give you a chance to meet some of the interns working with Macmillan Learning this summer! Interns come from all across the country and work across a variety of disciplines, and are giving you a glimpse into their personal and professional lives this summer.  For the first part of this series, we invite you to meet the New York interns!

Name: Laura Agosto


From: Queens


Department: Math and Stats Intern


College: Baruch College, rising junior


Day in the Life: It's both highly independent and highly collaborative...this is the kind of work environment that allows you to be flexible with your time and the things you work on, but also when it's time to sit down and discuss as a team you had better have something to talk about.


After Hours: If I'm not at the gym I'm usually just hanging out with a couple of friends, watching movies, walking around the boroughs a lot and trying new foods. Just recently I went to an improv show on Essex street and it was amazing, so I want to try doing more things like that in the future.


Favorite Place in NYC: Brooklyn Bridge Park/Waterfront



Name: Annabelle Chan


From: New York City


Department: Digital Marketing


College: Baruch College, rising senior


Day in the Life: For this internship, it's been a lot of meetings...Oh, and trying not to blow up the copy machine/microwave/printer.


After Hours: [I] Read, make jewelry, and play video games


Favorite Place in NYC: The Argosy Bookstore. It's NYC's oldest independent bookstore (1925!) and it takes up an entire six-story townhouse in Midtown. I think it's one of the last places in NYC to have a manually-operated elevator.



Name: Sarah Fornshell


From: Columbus, Ohio


Department: Marketing and Communications Intern


College: Columbia University, rising junior


Day in the Life: On a typical day, I help with data mining and compilation for the sales team, draft social media posts, and compile, analyze, and report current engagement trends across Macmillan’s platforms. It’s very exciting to see how our work here has a direct impact in classrooms across the country, and to be able to have a front row seat to the way that education and the job market are changing and adapting to the world of technology we live in. Aside from that, I bother the other interns about filling out profiles for this series!


After Hours: If I’m not out getting dinner with friends or hanging out at their apartments (I live in a dorm, so I feel compelled to mooch off of their real-world living experience!), then I can most easily be found curled in the back corner of my favorite coffee shop writing stories that I will ideally one day show to people.


Favorite Place in NYC: Brooklyn Bridge!


Name: Mila Gauvin


From: Scarsdale, NY


Department: STEM Development


College: Harvard University, rising junior


Day in the Life: Helping out the STEM editors who need help finishing up their projects, ranging from research on professors to helping perfect online learning material.


After Hours: Spending time in the city with my friends from high school, reading, and traveling


Favorite Place in NYC: SoHo


Name: Katherine Kachnowski


From: Tarrytown, NY


Department: English


College: Ohio State, rising junior


Day in the Life: I assist with revising manuscripts and checking proofs to ensure that everything is ready for production.


After Hours: [I] Read, hang out with friends, and explore the city


Favorite Place in NYC: Brooklyn Bridge Park



Name: Nick Rizzuti


From: Colorado


Department: Psychology


College: Hofstra University, rising Senior


Day in the Life: I spend most of the day working on projects for the Editorial Assistants; these are time consuming, but detail oriented and important. Right now I'm reading professor reviews, pulling quotes for catalog copy, and saving them on It's cool to see what the professors think of the text, and it's an interesting peek into some other areas outside editorial (marketing, sales). Occasionally, I get to attend meetings (weekly check ins and whatever else comes up) which feels like a great way to get a feel for the workings of Macmillan first hand!


After Hours: I like to play board and card games, write poetry, watch Big Brother, read incessantly on the LIRR, and juggle.


Favorite Place in NYC: I'll give the stereotypical book nerd answer and say the Strand for now, but a quest this summer is to find a bookstore with a better sf and fantasy section to replace that.


Name: Danielle Straub


From: Long Island, NY


Department: Communication


College: Hunter College, rising junior


Day in the Life: Everyday is different, working on various different projects


After Hours: Explore the city, hang out with friends and family, read, go to the beach, play with my dog, any outdoor activity


Favorite Place in NYC:The Whitney Museum and Gemma Restaurant at the Bowery Hotel



Name: Kayla Williamson


From: Indianapolis


Department: Technical Communications Intern


College: Spring Arbor University, rising senior


Day in the Life: Within the first hour of my day, I call my manager (she works from home). She gives me the tasks for the day and updates me on what she's done for our summer project. We're organizing and reworking workflows and instructions, so it's a collaborative project. So far it's been a lot of learning about technical communication - watching webinars, reading articles, etc. I'm also learning a lot about Salesforce, since that's what the instructions we're reworking is about. My day is also (unfortunately or fortunately) filled with eating. My desk is right next to the candy shelf, so I don't even have to leave my chair to grab some Hershey Kisses or fluffy mints!


After Hours: Run. Well, attempt to run. I also freelance graphic design to help pay for housing and food. If you can't tell, I love food. I can't wait to explore all the different restaurants and try as many types of food as I can.


Favorite Place in NYC: I just arrived in NYC the day before the internship started. So I haven't explored much yet. So far my favorite place is Battery Park right next door. I sit on a bench in clear view of the Statue of Liberty. It's a pretty sweet location.

Granted, I haven't visited Midtown yet. I have a feeling the theatre district will be my favorite spot once I visit.




Next week, check back to find out how interns can adapt their classroom skills to their internships!