How to Manage Attendance Settings in iClicker Cloud

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iClicker Cloud’s Attendance module allows you to take attendance, either by using geolocation technology that recognizes if students are within range of your classroom when they check-in, or by allowing students to check in manually. Before running an Attendance session, make sure you adjust some important course settings.

Follow the steps in this article or click to view the video below.

Adjust settings in iClicker Cloud online gradebook

From the iClicker Cloud instructor website, click the settings icon. Select whether or not you’ll be using iClicker Cloud for Attendance only, or for all three modules (Attendance, Polling, and Quizzing). If you choose to use Attendance only, the Polling and Quizzing options will no longer be available from your Course Home page.

Click "Attendance" tab

Click the Attendance tab of your course settings to adjust settings for Location, Auto-run, Alerts, and student participation with iClicker remotes.

Location Settings

If you choose to require location, geolocation technology will recognize when students are physically within range of your classroom as they check-in. This prevents students from checking in from their dorm rooms, apartments, or other remote locations. If you do not require location, students will be allowed to check-in from anywhere.

When setting up location, your web browser may notify you that iClicker Cloud is requesting your geolocation information. By allowing access to this information, you can easily and automatically set your location. If you are not able to share this information or your course is in a different location than where you currently are, you can manually select your location by looking-up the address in the search bar, where it says Search for a location.

Select your Attendance location Radius from the drop-down menu. Your location is indicated by the blue dot. You can manually make adjustments by clicking and dragging the dot. Use the plus sign in the lower right-hand corner to zoom in on the map, which may make it easier to pinpoint your exact classroom.


If you would like Attendance to auto-run during each class, first you must enter accurate meeting days in the Course Details section of your iClicker Cloud software Settings. Then check the box to Auto-run attendance from and specify how long you would like the Attendance window to be open to your students.

Note: It is a best practice to open Attendance up 5-10 minutes prior to your class start time. iClicker Reef students will only be counted as "Present" if they check-in to Attendance before joining a polling or quizzing session.

Tip: If you have selected for Attendance to auto-run but students are not seeing the option to join your Attendance sessions in their Reef accounts, try the following:
  • Verify that the date and times are accurately set in your course settings, including AM, PM, and time zones.
  • Verify that you have checked the auto-run box in your Attendance settings.
  • Suggest that your students enable push notifications for Reef on their devices.


You can opt for iClicker Cloud to highlight students with [#] or more unexcused absences.

iClicker remotes

You can allow iClicker remote usage for Attendance. Students will be checked in to class when they answer a polling or quizzing question while Attendance is running. Because of this, if you allow remotes, you should not close Attendance before starting your first poll or quiz.

Save settings

When you are satisfied with your Attendance settings, click Save. Your settings, including location, will be reflected in future Attendance sessions.