How to Manage iClicker Cloud Course Settings

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iClicker Cloud is a simple classroom response system that can be used almost immediately upon launching. However, we recommend taking a little time to customize the software for each course, as settings are course-specific. Before getting started, make sure you download iClicker Cloud, create your account, and add your first course.

Course settings are organized into the five tabs listed below: Click below to view a short video that provides an overview of the iClicker Cloud course settings, or read through this article for a description of each settings tab. Please note that the software images in this article were taken from a Mac computer and might look slightly different on a PC, although the functionality is the same.

Course Details

It is recommended that you fill in all of the information in the Course Details tab, as it is used by your students to correctly identify and select your course.

For example, there could be multiple sections of the same course at your institution or you might teach multiple sections of the same course. This additional information provides more details for your students to recognize and join the correct class.

Enter your Course Name and the Start and End Date. When your course ends (based on the End Date), it is automatically archived. An archived course no longer appears in student searches and cannot be joined. Students already in the course, however, will continue to have access to the content as long as they do not remove themselves from the course. They will also lose access to the content if you delete the course rather than archive it.

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Grade Sync

It is important to indicate in the Grade Sync tab if/how you will be using iClicker Cloud with an LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, or Sakai). There are three options; if you are not sure which to select, refer to our overview of how to add grades from iClicker Cloud to an LMS for specific details about each option.
  • No integrated grade sync (manual export only): download grades from iClicker Cloud and manually upload them to an LMS gradebook.
  • Single-column grade sync: send grades from iClicker Cloud to a single column in an LMS gradebook. This requires setup by a campus administrator.
  • Multiple-column grade sync: send grades from iClicker Cloud to multiple columns in an LMS gradebook. This requires setup by a campus administrator

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If you will be allowing students to participate in class with iClicker remotes, use the Clickers tab to view your base frequency settings. After plugging in your iClicker base, you will want to verify that your instructor remote and base are set to the same frequency.

You can also adjust the frequency; this is especially important if another instructor is also using an iClicker base in a classroom nearby. To check for nearby base frequency conflicts, click Check for Conflicts.

You can check the version of your Base Station Firmware in the Clickers tab, as well. iClicker Cloud requires a base running firmware v5.04 or newer. Visit the iClicker website for base firmware utilities to update your base firmware if needed.

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You can customize settings for active polling sessions, scoring, and the polling toolbar to meet the needs of your course.

iClicker Cloud has the ability to send screenshots of your polling questions to students. You can choose to do this when you start a poll, end a poll, or not at all. You can also choose whether or not you would like to send class results to students after a poll.

You can adjust parameters for how participation points and performance points are awarded.

If you would like to allow flexibility for how long a poll is open, it is recommended that you select for the timer on the polling toolbar to count up from 0 seconds, so you can manually select when each poll will end. If you prefer a standard time for each question asked during a polling session, you can choose for the timer to count down from that time in minutes.

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If you are running Quizzes in class, simply select how many points students will earn for each correct answer.

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