Video Assignment: Avoiding Plagiarism

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Video title: Plagiarism: How to avoid it

Topic(s): Cheating, plagiarism

Search terms: video plagiarism how to avoid

Time (of video): 2:51

Posted by: Bainbridge State College

Date posted: January 5, 2010


Video description: Definitions and tips on how to avoid plagiarism.


Question/writing prompt: What is the only time when you do not need to cite your sources?


In-class activities:


1. Serious Overview Objective: Students begin to get an accurate sense of plagiarism.

Show the video, and stress the importance of the topic at hand. 

  1. Spend time going over the video and ask students to comment on it.
  2. Refer to the textbook's coverage of plagiarism and academic honesty. Select a student volunteer to read the content out loud. Ask students to react to what they hear.
  3. Students often assume that they understand plagiarism when they do not have a complete grasp on it. Ask students if this describes them—that they thought they understood plagiarism but had not.


2. Scenarios Objective: Students learn to recognize plagiarism.

Present different scenarios pulled from your or colleagues’ teaching experiences.  Ask students to decide whether plagiarism is involved.


3. How to Cite Sources Objective: Students explore resources for citing sources.

Review how to cite sources.

  1. Consider bringing in a staff member from the campus writing center.
  2. Direct students to online resources like Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) at
  3. Pass around English handbooks or style guides (APA, MLA, CMS) so that students become familiar with and less intimidated by these resources.


4. Q&A Objective: Students learn to ask for help to avoid plagiarism.

Allow students time to ask questions. As this can be a sensitive subject, ask them to write questions anonymously on cards that you can answer in class.