How to Manage Attendance Data in iClicker Cloud

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Attendance data for your course is accessible on the iClicker Cloud instructor website, where you can view and export all data and view results for individual Attendance sessions or students.

Follow the steps in this article or click to view the video below.

Click "Attendance" tab in Online Gradebook

To view Attendance data for your course, click the Attendance tab on the iClicker Cloud instructor website. Here you will see a summary of all Attendance data for your course to date.

Red cells

If you have set Attendance to highlight students who have missed a certain number of classes, red cells alert you to students who have met or exceeded the number of absences that you specified in in your Attendance settings.

Gray triangles

Cells on the Attendance tab with gray triangles in the upper right corner indicate data that you have manually updated.

View session details

To view a summary of an individual session, click the session title from the Attendance tab. You can click Delete Session if you would like the session permanently removed from the Attendance tab.


Manually update Attendance data

To edit the Attendance status for an individual student, click on the cell you would like to update from the Attendance tab.

You can change a student’s Attendance status and/or make notes. These notes are private to you–not shared with students–and can also be exported with the Attendance session data. Click Save and changes will be reflected on the Attendance tab.

View student details

To view a summary of Attendance for an individual student, click the student’s name on the Attendance tab. You will be directed to a summary of their Attendance, Performance, and Participation. Click the Attendance tab to view attendance data.

Here you can find all course Attendance data for an individual student. You can also edit a student’s attendance status for a session by clicking the cell you wish to update and following the same directions outlined in above.

Export Attendance data

To export Attendance data to a .csv file, return to the main Attendance data tab and click Export.

Export Attendance data

You can select from the drop-down to export attendance data with or without any notes that you’ve made for individual students. You can also select if you want to export data for some or all of your sessions. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Export to prompt the .csv download to begin.