Campbell, Media & Culture, 11e

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LaunchPad contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately. Let's begin with student resources. Click the following link to go to the landing page of LaunchPad for Media & Culture.

What resources are available for my students?

From your LaunchPad home page, click Resources, then Content by Type. You'll see a list of all the resources available to your students. We'll now take a closer look at each.


LaunchPad’s e-Book integrates the text with an assortment of media-powered learning tools and includes every word on every page of the printed text, including all images and pedagogical tools. Students can highlight and comment, making it easier to access key content and organize studying. Teachers can customize and rearrange chapters and add notes and discussions.


Adaptive quizzing system that contains multiple-choice questions for each chapter. For every correct or incorrect answer a student enters, LearningCurve offers detailed feedback and references to the text to help the student learn the material more effectively.

Practice Quizzes

Chapter practice quizzes are brief multiple-choice quizzes for students to complete after each chapter. There are two practice quizzes available in every chapter.

Student Resources (downloadable)

This section contains two separate resources available for students to download. 

The Media Career Guide, 11e is a brief guide that can help students land a job in the media industries and build a successful career. With tips for topics including where to find jobs, preparing for your career, starting your job search, nailing your cover letters, resumes, and thank-you notes, and succeeding once you’re in, this brief guide has everything you need to get your career off on the right foot.

Timeline: Media and Culture through History is a PDF timeline that can help students contextualize the history of mass communication.


Tutorials (slide)

The interactive Media Literacy Activities in each chapter and the interactive Extended Case Study allow students to get even more practice developing their critical process skills as they walk through the activities, step by step.

Video Activities

Over 50 videos, a mix of clips from media texts (movies and TV shows) and interviews with media experts, all accompanied by short-answer questions to help students process and analyze concepts introduced in the book.

What resources are available for instructors?

From the same screen where you've been viewing student resources, you can scroll down to see those available to instructors. Let's now take a closer look at each.

Instructor's Resource Manual

A chapter-by-chapter guide to teaching with Media & Culture, including suggestions for lecture topics, classroom discussions, and assignments, along with sections suggesting further reading.

Lecture Slides (Downloadable)

Presentation slides covering key concepts in each chapter, for instructors to use during lectures. Students can also download these slides and use them as study aids.

Test Bank

For each chapter, there are dozens of multiple-choice and short-answer questions that instructors can assign on tests in class.