Run an Attendance Session in iClicker Cloud

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iClicker Cloud’s Attendance module allows you to take attendance using geolocation technology that recognizes if students are within range of your classroom when they check-in.

Before running an Attendance session, make sure you create a course or select an existing course on the iClicker Cloud instructor website and visit the Course Settings window to review/adjust the Attendance settings for your course.

Follow the steps in this article or click to view the video below.

1. Sign in to your instructor account at the iClicker website and select your course. Click the Take Attendance button on your Course Home screen; students will now be able to check-in to your course. Do this before starting a poll or quiz; students must check-in to Attendance before participating in polls or quizzes.

Note: If you have chosen an “Attendance-only Course” in your course settings, the Polling and Quizzing modules will be unavailable on the Course Home screen.

2. The Attendance panel will open on the right-hand side of your web browser.

You can toggle between the expanded panel or a minimized version of the panel by clicking the (a) arrow.

When location is required for Attendance, a (b) toggle control will be present in the active session panel. You can use it to turn the location requirement on or off to accommodate any students who are having technical difficulties with their geolocation settings.

The panel will show you how long your session has been (c) open, as well as a summary of student check-in statuses in real time. You can click to see a list of students who have (d) checked in and (e) not checked in.

3. If you are also running polling or quizzing sessions, Attendance will continue to run in the background until it ends. You can view Attendance session information in the iClicker Cloud desktop software.

An Attendance Active icon will appear next to the course(s) in which Attendance is running. In the Course Dashboard, a banner will notify you that an Attendance session is running. You can click the View Attendees link to open a window showing a list of students who have checked-in, and those who have not.

4. An Attendance session can end in three different ways:
  • If you have chosen for Attendance to auto-run during class, it will automatically end at the time you specified.
  • You can manually end a session by clicking (f) End in the Attendance panel on the iClicker Cloud instructor website.
  • Otherwise, Attendance sessions will also time out if they have been left open for 8 hours.