iClicker Cloud v.4.x Release Notes

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iClicker Cloud 4.4 (Web) – May 2018
This is an automatic platform update.

Features & Improvements
  • Session details and course settings that were previously only available from the desktop software are now available from the instructor website.
  • Improved screen reader accessibility for the instructor website.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: When launched from the desktop software, the side navigation for the instructor Preview website did not initially function until the browser page was refreshed. Browser cache may need to be cleared to in order for this fix to work.

iClicker Cloud 4.3.0 (Win/Mac/Web) – March 2018
This is an optional update for Windows and Mac. Platform updates are automatic.

Features & Improvements
  • The instructor website now includes a notification center for important announcements.
  • Sending feedback to the iClicker team just got easier with a feedback option built into the instructor website’s interface.
  • Get an early look at changes to the instructor web experience by opting into the Preview website. The Preview site offers new navigation and styling for improved usability and workflow efficiency.
  • When creating a new instructor account, additional region-specific legal terms of agreement may be presented for acceptance.
  • Numerous screen-reader and keyboard accessibility improvements were added to the instructor website.
  • We’ve added more data logging to help us better track feature usage and troubleshoot reported incidents.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Clickable and non-clickable entries in the Gradebook and Attendance tables were visually indistinguishable.
  • FIXED: Roster and Attendance tables sorted student names starting with lower-case letters at the end of the list (Web Only).
  • FIXED: The Attendance table did not retain a searched/filtered view after making edits to an entry (Web Only).
  • FIXED: Polling responsiveness significantly slowed when a large number of questions were posed in a single session (Mac Only).

iClicker Cloud 4.2.2 (Win/Mac/Web) – February 2018
This is an optional update for Windows and Mac. Platform updates are automatic.

Features & Improvements
  • Backend tweaks have been deployed to improve performance and communication with the iClicker Cloud Mobile app, which can be used to control polling with this version (or newer) of the Cloud desktop software. The Cloud mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store coming in late March 2018.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Auto-run Attendance sessions used the smallest location radius (100 ft), even when a larger radius was specified in the settings.
  • FIXED: Points for correct polling responses were only awarding the integer portion, even if a decimal was specified in the course settings. (Mac Only)

iClicker Cloud 4.2.1 (Win/Mac/Web) – January 2018
This is an optional update for Windows and Mac. Platform updates are automatic.

Features & Improvements
  • Added raw clicker data logging to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • The iClicker SDK was updated to support longer path lengths to the USB base. This update addresses a limitation that some systems might experience when using an intermediate USB hub or dongle. 
  • Copyright year updated to 2018. 
  • Security patches were applied to address Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Grade sync did not appear to complete if a linked, self-removed student was present in the Gradebook. 
  • FIXED: Students removed from the roster using the web interface still had their names included in the Student Details navigation drop-down list even though you cannot view details for removed students.
  • FIXED: Instructor-entered “Other” best response for Short Answer and Numeric questions continued to appear as “Other Response” on the Student Session Details page.
  • FIXED: Clicking the option to extend your web session did not properly extend the session timeout.
  • FIXED: During an active quiz session, the Results chart did not update when students changed their responses; chart is now accurate after a session ends.
  • FIXED: Question totals shown in the Session History did not include anonymous questions. (Win Only)
  • FIXED: During an active session, the screenshot thumbnail for Target question did not appear in the Results window’s side panel until another question was started. (Mac Only)
  • FIXED: During an active session, the graded region from a Target question continued to appear over the next question if the next question was also a Target question. (Mac Only)
  • FIXED: An intermittent, Mac OSX 10.10.5 crash could occur when launching the polling Results window repeatedly for a Short Answer question. (Mac Only)
  • FIXED: Manually adjusted points for poll responses were not updating until questions were graded. 
  • FIXED: Exit Polling sent duplicate notifications to students.

iClicker Cloud 4.2 (Win/Mac/Web) – December 2017
This is an optional update.

Features & Improvements
  • Anonymous polling is out of beta.
  • iClicker Cloud now supports a deep LMS integration option–i.e. the ability to sync grades from iClicker Cloud into multiple-columns in an LMS–using the Macmillan Learning Tool. This integration allows syncing individual session scores to Blackboard, Brightspace (D2L), Canvas, and Moodle. This LMS grade sync option must be selected from the course settings and administrator set-up of the institution’s LMS is required.
  • Short Answer results can be viewed as a word cloud, providing a graphical visualization of word frequency.
  • Instructors can now designate which correct Short Answer or Numeric response is the “best” one to share with students. This includes selecting an “Other Response” that no student submitted and inputting a different response.
  • At the end of every poll instructors are offered the option to request student feedback through an Exit Poll. The Exit Poll asks students to rate their understanding of the class material and provide open-ended feedback. Exit Poll results can be accessed from the Gradebook’s session details for the poll. 
  • Session names can be customized for polls, quizzes, and attendance sessions. Edit the name from the Gradebook’s session details window.
  • Roster management is now available from the instructor website as well as the desktop. This feature allows instructors to remove students from the roster and block students from further participation.
  • Instructor website sessions last longer and a notification window prompts instructors to extend session time before it expires and automatically logs an instructor out.
  • The list of disciplines choices has been expanded to more accurately categorize departments and courses.
  • Numerous accessibility improvements were made to the instructor website to meet WCAG 2.0 standards.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: The Session History checkmark showing that all questions are graded was not appearing if an anonymous question was contained in the session.
  • FIXED: Unplugging the base while the desktop software was running could cause Cloud to crash (Mac Only).
  • FIXED: Roster name sort order is case-sensitive and defaulted to ascending rather than descending order by default (Mac Only).
  • FIXED: The Primary Discipline field in the account profile sometimes failed to correctly display as empty when no discipline was selected (Web Only).
  • FIXED: Session dates were sometimes missing when initially launching the Gradebook from the desktop software (Web Only).
  • FIXED: The remote conflict information modal appeared as a blank window rather than displaying the details of the students with the conflict (Web Only).
  • FIXED: Anonymous polling multiple choice results sometimes showed votes in an unknown "?" state.
Known Issues
  • The Session History checkmark showing all questions are graded disappears after opening the session results if the session contains an anonymous question. The checkmark only reappears after the Session History is refreshed (Win Only).
  • The number of questions shown in the Session History does not include anonymous questions (Win Only).
  • Best response does not get exported to the Excel report for graded Numeric questions.
  • Students removed from the roster using the web interface still have their names included in the Student Details navigation drop-down list even though you cannot view details for removed students.

iClicker Cloud 4.1 (Win/Mac/Web) – October 2017
This is an optional update for Windows and Mac. Platform updates are automatic.

Features & Improvements
  • Anonymous polling (Beta) is available as an option from the Polling toolbar. Anonymous polling allows instructors to collect aggregated results anonymously but still allow tracking an individual student’s participation. Anonymous polling lets instructors pose sensitive questions that students might not feel comfortable answering if they knew that their response could be traced to their identity.
  • Instructors have question-level visibility to student responses online. A new Session Details view is available as part of the student information on the instructor website. The Session Details view shows question information along with student responses and scores.
  • Minor layout and labeling improvements were made to the Gradebook point adjustment window to improve usability.
  • The ability to manually check for nearby base frequency conflicts has been added to the Mac software. This addition brings feature parity to the Mac for functionality already part of the Windows version. The new button to check for conflicts can be found in the course settings.
  • Data security and accessibility improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Gradebook only included students after they participated in at least one session rather than when they added the course.
  • FIXED: Mac quiz course settings did not retain changes to the default question point value.
  • FIXED: Mac short answer responses were converted to lower-case when polling ended.
  • FIXED: The iClicker base connected indicator icon sometimes failed to update when the base was unplugged from a Mac.
  • FIXED: Under some situations, a “No Response” score could not be overwritten.
  • FIXED: Headers in the D2L export format used unsupported characters.
  • FIXED: Classic-created courses with the same Start Date and End Date were immediately archived.
Known Issues
  • Quiz progress indicator for clicker users continues to increment the question progress counter whenever a response is changed and never shows the completion checkmark that all questions are answered.

iClicker Cloud 4.0.1 (Mac) – September 2017
This is an optional update without an in-app notification.

Features & Improvements
  • Improved logging was added to allow technical support to better troubleshoot incidents (MAC only for WIN parity).

iClicker Cloud 4.0.3 (Web) – August 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Some students were not appearing in the gradebook upon registering their iClicker remote ID to their profile.
  • FIXED: Some course gradebooks would fail to load or would not export to a csv file.
  • FIXED: Gradebook “Dropped” status were persisting even after the student re-joined a course.
  • FIXED: Some students were not appearing in the “attending” list of the Attendees window when an attendance and poll/quiz were run simultaneously.
Known Issues
  • Removed/blocked students are included in the grade sync even though they should no longer be part of the course.

iClicker Cloud 4.0.2 (Win/Mac/Web) – August 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

Features & Improvements
  • Performance improvements
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Target questions were showing 0 rather than actual points earned in instructor gradebook.
Known Issues
  • Student will not appear in Gradebook for the following specific sequence of events: (1) participates in session with an unregistered iClicker remote; (2) registers iClicker remote to Reef student profile; (3) joins course.

iClicker Cloud 4.0.1 (Win/Mac/Web) – August 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

Features & Improvements
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Web Numeric and Short Answer results improvements (parity with iOS/Android)
Known Issues
  • Target question points show as 0 rather than actual points.

  • Due to DNS changes, instructors using iClicker Classic with Reef enabled will need to close and relaunch the iClicker Classic instructor app. If login or connection errors are seen, instructors may need to refresh their DNS.

iClicker Cloud 4.0.0 (Win/Mac/Web) – July 2017
This is a required update.

Features & Improvements
  • The Attendance module is officially out of beta and available as a free preview to students through fall 2017.
  • A new summary panel in the web portal displays active attendance session details.
  • When location is required for Attendance, a toggle control appears in the active session panel that allows instructors to temporarily suspend location requirements. This feature permits students experiencing geolocation issues to check in and continue to participate in other activities. (WEB Only)
  • If a session is left hanging open on the server, instructors have the option to “Resume” that session instead of starting a new one. The “Resume” option appears in the Session History entry for the hanging session. Additionally, when starting a new poll or quiz, if an open session is detected, the instructor will be prompted to either resume the already open session or start a new one.
  • The LMS Sync settings are now labeled “Grade Sync” to reflect the expanded integration opportunities with other Macmillan products. The gradebook interface will only show the grade sync elements relevant to the type of integration selected.
  • Double-clicking a polling question’s thumbnail image opens a new resizable window with a larger version of the screenshot.
  • Stricter password requirements are now enforced for new passwords. These requirements are displayed when creating a new password and are dynamically validated.
  • Deleted courses are no longer accessible to students who joined a course prior to deletion.
  • A new “Course Statistics” view for students in iClicker Reef provides an overview of the student’s course activity, participation, & performance.
  • A new “Course History” view for students in iClicker Reef provides a detailed view of the student’s course activities.
  • Student interface improvements have been made in iClicker Reef.
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Participation points were being applied to Polling sessions with no questions.
  • FIXED: The Excel export was not properly sorting students by last name.
  • FIXED: The Excel export for target questions incorrectly displayed NR instead of points earned on the summary tab and NR instead of correct/incorrect on the question tab. Total points earned for the session was accurate despite the display issue for target questions.
  • Mac-only Issues
    • FIXED: Instructor remote could not be used to move between questions and select the correct response.
    • FIXED: During active polling sessions, clicking “Results” opened a window to the first question rather than most recent question.
    • FIXED: Clicker conflict alert icon continued to be shown after a student was removed and blocked from the course.
    • FIXED: Attendees window did not always update the ‘Attending’ and ‘Not Attending’ layout; student names would appear under the incorrect heading during an active session.
    • FIXED: Quiz response point entry fields would sometimes fail to appear in the “Results” window when opened from the Session History.
    • FIXED: Toolbar counter did not accurately reflect number of students who joined a quizzing session.
    • FIXED: Quiz questions displayed the “Graded” badge regardless of the grading status.
    • FIXED: Quiz results window for past sessions included “Add/Remove Question” buttons, which is not allowed for completed quizzes.
    • FIXED: Rapid/repetitive clicking in the “Grade Target Question” module could result in a crash.
    • FIXED: Resizing the results window for a Target question could display student response dots at incorrectly shifted locations.
    • FIXED: Unplugging the base while editing course settings caused an iClicker system crash.
    • FIXED: The course Primary Institution drop-down list showed the blue focus of control box behind it when scrolling through the settings.
    • FIXED: The profile Primary Institution drop-down list displayed behind the Primary Discipline control.
  • Windows-only Issues
    • FIXED: Grading allowed entering negative point values.
    • FIXED: Rapid/repetitive clicking of the Start/Stop polling button could cause two polling questions to start simultaneously.
    • FIXED: Network loss while starting a quiz could result in unexpected behavior.
  • Web-only Issues
    • FIXED: Changing a student’s score in the Session Score Details module did not appear to update in the gradebook until the page was refreshed. FIXED: Original points for responding to an ungraded question could display improperly in the Session Details module, even though current point values were accurate.
    • FIXED: Returning to the gradebook from the Session Score Details module reverted the gradebook to the default sort order instead of maintaining the current sort.
    • FIXED: Student grades displayed a score of 0.00 rather than NA for quiz participation.
    • FIXED: Default filename when exporting the Roster was “REEF_RosterExport” rather than “iClicker_RosterExport”.
    • FIXED: Border around “Poll” badge in student Grades table included an ellipses and wasn’t fully enclosed in the outline.
Known Issues
  • A known issue in iClicker Cloud version 3.6 may prevent updating your software with the in-app button. If this happens, download the latest 4.0 software directly and discard all older versions of the software (Mac-only).
  • Course settings for Quizzing do not save changes to the default point value (Mac-only).