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Writer's Help 2.0 comes fully loaded with many types of assessment--from formative activities that support skill-building to comprehension quizzes and grammar exercises to interactive tutorials. In the help article What can I do with Writer's Help 2.0? for students, we briefly covered LearningCurve and exercises, two types of activities students can use for formative practice whether you have assigned them or not. This section covers assignment and quiz types we recommend instructors assign in order to get the most out of them.


Looking to get an idea of your students’ proficiency with some core reading and writing skills? Writer's Help 2.0 includes eight diagnostic tests, a pre- and post-test covering:
  • Sentence Grammar
  • Punctuation, Style, and Mechanics
  • Reading Skills
  • Reading Strategies
Each test includes access to class and roster reports that allow you to see student performance overall and by sub-topic. 

If you have assigned both the pre- and post-test for a topic, you will have access to comparison reports. Comparison reports are accessible through the instructor dashboard inside each post-test.

You can use the diagnostic comparison reports to:
  • Track improvement across multiple sections, or across a program (reports are exportable)
  • Create opportunities for students to see a visual representation of their progress in the course (reports can be printed for students)
  • Continually adapt your teaching based on real performance data.
For more help, see the help articles below.

Reading Comprehension Quizzes

If you are using Writer’s Help 2.0 in conjunction with a Bedford/St. Martin’s reader or rhetoric, you can add reading comprehension quizzes from most of our recent editions to your Writer’s Help 2.0 course. You can add these quizzes to your Writer's Help 2.0 course in order to:
  • Integrate content from your reader or rhetoric into your digital product, creating a useful connection between text and technology
  • Create additional opportunities to assess students' reading comprehension as you plan follow-up assignments and class discussion
  • Help students understand where they may be struggling with reading material assigned in the course
These quizzes are all hosted in the question library in Writer’s Help 2.0. In order to assign these quizzes, you must first create a new quiz. Once you’ve done so, you can consult this blog post to learn how to access the library of reading comprehension quizzes.

Exercise Central

Bedford/St. Martin’s Exercise Central has been a longtime favorite of instructors and students who want an effective way to practice building skills that are critical to students’ success as college writers. A bank of Exercise Central quizzes is available in Writer's Help 2.0, allowing you to:
  • Offer additional interventions based on your students’ diagnostic quiz results
  • Assign pre-built exercise sets on the fly, as you notice patterns of error in your students’ writing
  • Create and edit custom quizzes that match the needs of your students
  • Offer quizzes that allow multiple attempts so that students can continue to practice concepts until they are closer to mastering them
To learn more about adding Exercise Central quizzes to your course, see the help article How do I add Exercise Central questions to my quiz?.