Video Assignment: Seinfeld and Emotional Intelligence

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Video title: Seinfeld: Emotional Intelligence-Self Management

Topic(s): Emotional intelligence, emotion management, self-awareness, adaptability

Search terms: video Seinfeld emotional intelligence

Time (of video): 5:18

Posted by: eepmills

Date posted: March 26, 2011


Video description: George recognizes that his life is not as he desires. He concludes that every decision he makes is wrong and decides to “do the opposite” moving forward.


Question/writing prompt:  What signs of emotional intelligence does George demonstrate? 


In-class activities: 

1. Exploring Different Roles Objective: Students expand self-awareness related to patterns of behavior. 

Show the video from 0:15 to 1:00

  1. By this point in the course, students likely sit in the same seat each time they come to class. As you cover this chapter, ask students to change their seats significantly. 
  2. Also, ask students who often participate actively in class to remain silent and observe, and alert students who tend to be quiet in class that you will be calling on them. 
  3. After one or more class periods, ask students what they learned about themselves by sitting in a different seat and playing an unaccustomed role. 


2. Changing Behavior Objective: Students expand self-awareness related to daily patterns of behavior. 

Encourage students to take a few opportunities to "do the opposite" outside of class and to be prepared to discuss the experiences during the next class meeting. (Suggest ideas like trying new foods, spending time in different ways or with different people, or going to different places. Remind students not to violate the law or any other policies.)