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When building assignments in Writer’s Help 2.0, instructors report a smoother experience if they have first taken the time to familiarize themselves with some basic differences in functionality between content items. Doing so ensures the content you’re assigning meets your expectations and helps you avoid performance issues.

A few general principles around assigning lead to better experiences with Writer’s Help 2.0.
  • Create all assignments and assign due dates prior to activating your course for enrollment.
  • When moving items from one assignment folder to another, make sure that you have also updated the gradebook category for those items (see Additional tips for managing assignments below).
  • Anything that you assign will report to your gradebook, even reading material that you aren’t assigning for a grade. This functionality is meant to help instructors track whether students are accessing assigned materials, but some instructors prefer a cleaner, more manageable gradebook and have therefore limited how much reading material they actively assign based on this functionality.

Do you want students to work on activities independently, or do you want to assign them for credit?

Many of the assignment types in Writer’s Help 2.0 are accessible by students whether or not an instructor has assigned them. These include exercises, LearningCurve activities, and diagnostics. If you want to assign any of these content types for credit, make sure you assign them before you activate your course for enrollment. (Please note: in Writer’s Help 2.0, Lunsford Version, most of the auto-scored exercises can be found in the Resources panel and added to the course.)
  • If students complete these activities before you assign them, their scores will not report to the gradebook.
  • Once students have completed exercises or diagnostic activities, they cannot be granted re-attempts.
  • Many of the exercises in Writer’s Help 2.0 are open-response activities that require instructors to provide a grade once students have submitted them. Auto-scored exercises include “(auto-scored)” as part of their titles to make it easier for you to assign material you won’t have to grade. Diagnostics are scored automatically, and LearningCurve activities provide students with full credit for meeting the target score on the activity.

Do you need more robust assignment settings, or the ability to edit activities?

Exercise Central quizzes have more flexible assignment settings available than other activity types in Writer’s Help 2.0, including the ability to:
  • Add, remove, or edit questions
  • Allow students to have multiple attempts on a quiz
  • Allow students to save their work and continue it in a later session
  • Provide a grace period for submissions
All Exercise Central quizzes are auto-scored so students can get immediate feedback on their performance.

Additional tips for managing assignments

In Writer’s Help 2.0, when you assign an item from the table of contents, you must either associate that item with an assignment folder or create a new assignment folder. The assignment folder you associate with this item will also be its initial gradebook category.

You can modify assignments either from the table of contents or from the assignments tab. If you modify the assignment settings or due dates from either of these places, those dates will sync across all components of the platform that display due dates, and if you change the assignment folder when you edit an assignment from the table of contents, this will also update the gradebook category.

However, if you drag and drop an item from one assignment folder to another, this will not change its due date, and it also will not change its gradebook category. We recommend that if you drag and drop items between assignment folders in the assignments tab that you edit the settings of that item to update the gradebook category in order to avoid confusion in your gradebook.

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