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You can see how students are performing overall, or with regards to a specific topic by using your LearningCurve reports. You can view a video that explains the different types of reports below, or just read on.


Click on the image to view the video.

Class Topic Performance Report

A Class Performance Report is on the start screen of each LearningCurve activity. It shows the average topic scores for all students who have begun the activity. The topic score is calculated as the total number of points students have earned from questions on that topic, divided by the total number of points they could have earned had they gotten every question correct without hints or incorrect guesses. Every LearningCurve activity is designed to cover a certain set of topics. Typically 3-5 topics will be covered in each activity.

You can use this report to manage class time by spending more time on topics your students are finding more challenging. This works especially well if you assign LearningCurve activities to be due just before class begins. Doing so increases the likelihood that students will have reviewed the relevant concepts before they come to class.

Activity Completion Roster

You can monitor individual student progress with this report by viewing the three columns of this report.
  • Name
  • Questions: the number of questions the student has received so far
  • Completion/Points: the student's progress toward completing the activity, represented by a progress bar or green checkmark, followed by the activity score so far 


By clicking on the student’s name, you open a student-specific Topic Performance Report on the right. This allows you to see the student’s performance on individual topics.