Overview: Used iClicker Remote Registration Fee

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Students participating in iClicker Classic sessions with a used iClicker remote must pay a one-time registration fee of $6.99 USD. This fee is required only when registering a used remote on iclicker.com. If an instructor is using iClicker Cloud, iClicker Classic roll-call registration, or if a campus hosts iClicker registrations locally via a learning management system, students will not be prompted to pay the $6.99 used registration fee.

Our goal is to offer our products and services at as low of a price as possible. The used remote registration fee covers the cost of updating the remote’s registration and any support associated with the use of that remote for as long as the students owns that device. This fee covers all courses for the full duration of ownership.


How does iClicker know if a student has a used remote?

A used iClicker remote is identified when neither the student name nor the student ID have been previously registered with a remote ID already in our database. This means that a student can register the same remote with multiple student IDs (email address and student number, for example), if necessary.

What are the methods of payment for the fee?

You can pay via MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, or via a US bank account.

Is the fee in US dollars or Canadian dollars?

The fee is only in USD at this time.

Is there anyway for students to register without paying a fee?

Yes. There is no fee for roll-call registration in iClicker Classic or for registering through a campus LMS. If a student pays the used remote fee by mistake, he or she should contact support@iclicker.com to discuss our refund options.

Are you still purging the iClicker registration database as you have done in the past?

No, we are not purging the database. Once the student pays the used remote fee, the remote will remain permanently registered to the student.