iClicker Reef Institutional Site License Information

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iClicker offers three ways for institutions to adopt iClicker Reef:
  1. Students can purchase iClicker Reef through the college bookstore(s).
  2. Students can purchase iClicker Reef through iTunes or Google Play.
  3. An institution can license iClicker Reef directly, thereby allowing students to receive access to iClicker Reef without having to purchase it themselves.

For institutions using site licenses:

Students do not need access codes

When a site license is implemented, any student at the institution can use iClicker Reef without an access code. Students simply select their institution during the account creation process and automatically bypass code entry or payment prompts.

You can customize the student ID field

Your campus will also have the option customize the student ID field in the iClicker Reef student profile. A custom student ID label can help your students accurately complete their profile information so that iClicker can sync grades with your LMS. Some campuses have multiple IDs or use a separate LMS identifier, so knowing what to enter for "Student ID" can sometimes be confusing for students. Consider customizing the label with the specific name of your school's identifier and/or including an example format. For example, if your institution’s LMS identifier is the Bearcat ID, it could show “Bearcat ID (eg. ABC12345).” The custom field would be shown for anyone selecting your institution for their account.

Support and maintenance are included

Site licenses and subscriptions include access to the product, hosting, maintenance, and technology support. Additional fees are not charged for ongoing support or training sessions.

iClicker Campus analytics can be used to track and manage licenses

Administrators at an institution with a site license can access the iClicker Campus analytics dashboard to manage the licenses and track usage as often as desired. Site license usage tracking begins after the add/drop period to ensure only students who have not dropped courses are counted towards the overall license numbers. Institutions can control the overall number of site license users by limiting instructions to faculty who are confirmed as using the system.

Contact your iClicker sales representative for more information regarding site license options and pricing.

If you are already implementing a site license on your campus, please use the instructions in the attached document to help instructors get started with iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic and help students get started with iClicker Reef.