Overview: Shibboleth Single Sign-On for iClicker Reef

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Shibboleth is a web architecture and standard that falls under a category called “Federated Single Sign On.” With a little bit of setup and data exchange, Shibboleth can:
  • Allow students to sign in on the iClicker Reef web application with their campus portal credentials
  • Minimize password management for students using the iClicker Reef web application
  • Ensure that iClicker Reef student account information matches institutional requirements, including name and student ID (if sent by the university)
Interested in setting up Shibboleth Single Sign On on your campus? Campus administrators should contact an iClicker Tech Account Manager by e-mailing support@iclicker.com.

Common Questions about Shibboleth

Can instructors use their campus logins with Shibboleth?

No, only our student web application is supported right now.

Will this work if we have CAS, SAML, or other authentication mechanisms on campus?

No, the university does need to support Shibboleth. The implementation, while it uses SAML, does not expose SAML as a standalone authentication mechanism. If you have a question about whether you can use your authentication system, contact support@iclicker.com to request more information.

Is iClicker a member of InCommon?

Not yet, but we’re working on it! The application process is underway, but right now you can do a direct exchange of metadata to set-up federated single sign on.

At universities with Shibboleth enabled, do students always have to log into iClicker Reef web application through their campus portal?

Yes, students will always be asked to sign into a campus portal to access the Reef web application.

What is the student user experience like?

The following help article shows students how to log into Reef using Shibboleth single sign-on: How Students Create a Reef Account Through a Campus Portal

Are all of iClicker Reef’s apps supported? Why do my students need to create a password for new accounts?

Right now, Shibboleth authentication is only for the web application. In order to use the mobile apps, students will need to log in with a Reef user account.

What version of SAML does iClicker Reef use?

SAML 2.0

What is the iClicker Reef attribute release policy?

We ask for a few things from the university as an identity provider to facilitate account setup. This includes the following attributes:
  • email given
  • Name
  • sn
  • eduPersonAffiliation

Will iClicker Reef be extending support to the iOS and Android apps?

We’re working on it.

Can I use LTI and Shibboleth together?

Yes! If you’d like grade return and Shibboleth portal login enabled, they work together. Students would be required to click the LMS link, then log in through their campus portal as normal. Our system will associate their accounts and remember them for seamless grade return throughout the course.