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LaunchPad contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately. Let's begin with student resources. Click the following link to go to LaunchPad Solo for ACES.

What resources are available for my students?

From your LaunchPad home page, click the Resources button, then Content by Type. You’ll see a list of all the resources available to your students. We’ll now take a closer look at each.


The Student’s Guide to Using ACES explains what the ACES inventory is, how to use it, and how to use individual reports. This allows students to take ACES with a solid understanding of why they are doing so and how it will benefit them.

Skill Inventory

The ACES online self-assessment helps students develop a thoughtful, strengths-based understanding of themselves. ACES measures student strengths in twelve critical areas, both cognitive and non-cognitive. Norm-referenced reports indicate whether students are at a high, moderate, or low skill level in these areas, as compared to students in other schools across the country.

Student Resources (downloadable)

A downloadable Self-Assessment of Change encourages students to reflect on how much they’ve progressed for each of the various skills on the ACES scales. Students are able to celebrate their improvement and identify areas for future growth.

What resources are available for instructors?

From the same screen where you've been viewing student resources, you can scroll down to see those available to instructors. Let's now take a closer look at each.


Instructors are provided with the ACES Instructor Guide, which details how to best use ACES in their course. Instructors can use ACES to can use ACES data to start conversations with students —individually and as a class — about how to achieve excellence in college and in their careers. ACES data can also help instructors prioritize the topics they teach, highlight relevant programs or events outside of class to provide additional support for addressing students’ weaknesses, and identify strong students who might be willing to report on the ways they practice a skill.

Instructor Resource (downloadable) 

Instructors have access to the full Instructor’s Guide to Using ACES. This downloadable guide provides information on ACES, and how to use it in a course; for instance, individualized and class-level reports give instructors the information they need to understand student strengths and weaknesses, and to formulate realistic plans for improvement. Data can be organized in several ways and output for use in standard quantitative programs like Excel and Qualtrix.

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